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Women's & Gender Studies

Women's and Gender Studies research takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of gender, its function in cultures and societies, and its intersections with race and class.

Selected Primary Sources

African Activist Archive Project

Civil Rights Movement:

Civil Rights Digital Library - the Digital Library of Georgia

Freedom Summer Project 1964 Wisconsin Historical Society

Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project

Voices from the Southern Civil Rights Project: "Voices from the Southern Civil Rights Movement" presents educational and noncommercial radio programs from the 1950s and 1960s that offer historic testimonies – in interviews, speeches, and on-the-spot news reports – from many movement participants, both well-known and unknown.

Farmworker Movement: Farmworker Movement Documentation Project

Free Speech Movement:

Free Speech Movement Archives

UC Berkeley's Free Speech Movement

Indigenous - Native American Movement


LGBT Activism:

ACT-UP Oral History Project

Digital Transgender Archive

Stonewall and its Impact on the Gay Liberation Movement

Mill Workers: Bread and Roses Strike 1912

National Welfare Rights Organization Johnnie Tillmon's Welfare is a Women's Issue

Prohibition: Indomitable Spirits: Prohibition in the United States

Women's Liberation Movement: Print Culture:

General Sites:

Social Movements & Culture Provides links to information and resources on various social movements in the United States.

Activism in the United States Courtesy of the Digital Public Library  of America


Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600 - 2000 The collection of primary resources currently includes 94 document projects and archives with more than 3,750 documents and 150,000 pages of additional full-text documents, and more than 2,100 authors.

Theses and Dissertations:

Robinson, Rakeem U. Black Feminism, Intersectionality, and Hashtage Activism : Exploring the Narratives of #Rememberrenisha (2020) Gainesville, University of Florida.



Selected Films

The Day it Snowed in Miami "A documentary that showcases South Florida's role in the gay rights movement.."

Library West DVD 7750

Eyes on the Prize "Vols. 1-3 tell the story of America's civil rights years from 1954 to 1965; vols. 4-7 examine the new America from 1966 to 1985, from community power to the human alienation of urban poverty."

Library West DVD 3064

Feminist: Stories from Women's Liberation "This documentary film tells the story of the women's liberation movement from the years 1963-1970..."

Library West DVD 7610

Out of the Past "Reviews the struggle for lesbian and gay rights in the United States."

Library West DVD 7549

Featured Books

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