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Asian Studies

Asian Studies at the University of Florida Libraries

The Asian Studies Collection at the University of Florida contains materials on:

  • History -- East and South Asia
  • Language and literatures -- East, South and Southeast Asia
  • Religion -- East, South, Southeast, and Central Asia:  Please see the box on the right side of this linked page.
  • Other humanities and social science fields -- Various Asian-related areas

The collection is housed in the Humanities and Social Sciences Library (Library West). At this time the materials are shelved within the H&SS general collection, and are not housed separately.

There are more than 50,000 East Asian-related holdings in Chinese, Japanese and various European languages. South, Southeast and Central Asian-related holdings are mostly in English.

Click on the dragon to connect to the Asian Studies Digital Library Collections:

Asian Studies Journals in Open Access

Open Access (OA) is free, permanent, web-based access to scholarly publications. OA operates on the principle that research should be readily available immediately after publication and to anyone with an internet connection.  It is improving the way scholarly information is shared.  OA benefits authors because articles are made available much faster than those in traditional proprietary journals, thereby giving their research timely visibility, higher citation rates and greater overall impact.

Peer-reviewed e-journals in Asian Studies are listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals.

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