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Asian Studies

general guide for finding materials on Asia at UF

Japan Studies Databases at UF

JapanKnowledge Plus 

Searchable database of about 50 encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference, and periodical resources on Japan. Great for trying to understand specific words and terms across various contexts.   *Note that only one user at a time from UF may be connected. Please log off when you are done to open access for someone else.

Yomidas Rekishikan 

Text searchable digital archive of Japanese newspapers from the late 19th century to the present. Amazing primary source featuring high-quality scans that preserve the feel and layout of historical newspapers.


An electronic journal platform for science and technology information in Japan.

E-resources on Japan

Aozora Bunko 青空文庫 

Digital library of thousands of Japanese-language fiction and non-fiction.

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