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Shift Coverage Procedures

If you find you are unable to cover your scheduled shift, please send an email requesting coverage to our Ask A Librarian email list at

If you are at the end of your shift and your relief is late or does not show up, do not hesitate to send out a call for emergency coverage to the email list so that you can get on with your workday. Alternatively, you can email or call me and I will send out the emergency call.


Quick Reference for Statewide and Academic Shifts

When covering the Statewide or Academic desk, sometimes you get questions about a specific library's hours, policies & procedures, or questions that you just aren't in a position to answer about a patron's account. Please refer to the Statewide and Academic Shifts - Quick Reference Guide (under the Training tab) for easy access to these types of information (and a lot more). It will saves you time searching for answers!


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