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Authors@UF Program and Project Management Guide: Home

This Guide is designed to provide project management steps for planning and implementing an "Authors@UF" event.

Brief Program Description

Authors@UF is a program of the Smathers Libraries Campus Conversations series, and is designed to showcase UF authors and their scholarship while providing a forum for discussion and communication between the author and the campus community and beyond.  The primary focus is on UF authors of monographs but is not limited to book authors.

Ideally, the authors series will be held four times per academic year, twice in each of the fall ad spring semesters, from September to November and late January to march.  The program format is flexible and might range from informal conversation to lecture/Q&A; it could include a balance of author introduction/presentation and discussion and/or also include author readings.  

See the complete proposal:

Goals and Criteria of Success

  • Showcase UF authors and their works to the campus and local community
  • Raise the profile of the University Libraries as a center of learning and a forum for the exchange of ideas
  • Reach out to UF authors, departments, and students
  • Build bridges between academic librarians and faculty
  • Ptovide students and faculty with a forum for informal interaction and discussion
  • Encourage and support literacy, scholarship, and intellectual exchange
  • Develop the Library collection 
  • Collaborate with other campus units
Criteria for Success:
  • Qualitative:  evaluation of the quality of the interaction betweenauthor and audience (paper feedback form)
  • Quantitative:  audience attendance of at least 30 with a goal of 50 or more
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