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General History: Microform Research Collections

United States

U.S. History

Selected Microform Sets


Black Abolitionist Papers, 1830-1865
LIB WEST, Microforms       E  449 .B531

Correspondence, sermons, speeches, missionary reports and
writings of c. 300 19th century black abolitionists.
17 reels with Guide  
Black Biographical Dictionaries, 1790-1950
        now available as database:

       African-American Biographical Database

Collection of African American collective biographies published before 1950, profiling teachers, journalists, authors, religious personages, sports figures, artists, and representatives from all areas of African American culture and society.

Bureau of Social Hygiene Project and Research Files, 1913-1940: a collection of the Rockefeller Archives Center of Rockefeller University
LIB WEST, Microforms         HV  99.N6 B853 1980

A collection of studies undertaken by, as well as files relating to the administration of, one of the earliest privately funded social science research institutions in the U.S.; project information, general subject information, and the files of criminologist Leonard Harrison.
31 reels with Guide  

Carter Family Papers, 1659-1797, in the Sabine Hall Collection
LIB WEST, Microforms        929.2 C325cc

Land documents, correspondence and diaries of Landon Carter and his son, Robert Wormely Carter, held in the Sabine Hall Collection of the University of Virginia Library.
4 reels with Guide 

Civil Rights During the Johnson Administration, 1963-1969
LIB WEST, Microforms         JC  599.U5 C51 1984

Part I--  The White House Central Files
Part II-- Equal Opportunity Employment Commission: Administrative History
Part III--Oral Histories
Part IV--Records of the White House Conference on Civil Rights, 1965-1966
Part V-- Records of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders (Kerner Commission)

Documents focusing on the civil rights movement of the 1960s, and detailing the activities of the federal government, the executive branch, and prominent individuals.  The papers include subject, name, chronological, and confidential files from the central files of the White House, material from the administrative histories files of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library, and transcripts of oral histories, also from the Library. Files of the White House Conference on Civil Rights and records of the Kerner Commission document the riots that occurred in the United States in the 1960s.
41 reels with Guides  

Communist Infiltration of the SCLC, FBI Investigation File, 1957-1983
LIB WEST, Microforms          E  185.5.S68 C651 1983

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, printed material and other items maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in relation to its investigation of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). This material was released under the provision of the Freedom of Information Act. J. Edgar Hoover's confidential file on Martin Luther King is also included.
9 reels
Early American Imprints
The First Series
(1639-1800) is available online:
         Early American Imprints
Second Series (1801-1819) is currently available only on microfilm              
LIB WEST, Microforms     Z  1215 .S48

A collection of over 95,000 monographs, pamphlets, and broadsides printed in America between 1639 and 1819, based on Charles Evans' American Bibliography, excluding periodicals.


Shipton, Clifford K. and James E. Mooney.  National Index of American Imprints through 1800.  Gives the assigned number for each item so that it may be located on the reels.
LIB WEST, Reference        Z  1215 .S495
Shaw, Ralph R. and Richard H. Shoemaker.  American Bibliography: A Preliminary Checklist    22 volumes arranged by year and author (or title for anonymous works), with cumulative author and title indexes.
LIB WEST, Reference        Z  1215.S48
Evans, Charles.  American Bibliography.  The basis for the microform collection. Volumes by year and author, each with author and subject   
index.  Volume 14 is a cumulative author/title index.
LIB WEST, Reference        PS  185 .E921
Bristol, Roger P.  Supplement to Charles Evans' American Bibliography. Chronological order. A major addition to Evans' work, arranged by year.
Note: Bristol's items have been renumbered for the microprint collection.
LIB WEST, Reference        Z  1215.E92                        

Many of the works in this microfilm collection are referenced in The English Short Title Catalogue. ESTC describes works printed in any language in England or its dependencies from the beginning of printing through the end of the eighteenth century, as well as works printed in English anywhere else in the world during that period. 

Early American Periodicals Index to 1850
LIB WEST, Microforms       051 E12 Microprint

Index to 340 American magazines published through 1850. Compiled as a WPA project, the 650,000 entires are not always standardized. There are indexes to General Prose, Fiction, Poetry, Book Reviews, Songs, LC Subjects.  

LIB WEST, Microforms         HQ  1154 .H431 1972

A collection of 821 newsletters, journals, and newspapers published by and about women's liberation, civic, professional, religious and peace groups, from the Women's History Research Center in Berkeley, California.  Most material was published between 1968 and 1974 in the United States.
23 reels with Guide  

History of women
LIB WEST, Microforms        HQ  1121 .H581  
Collection of literature on and by women to 1920.  Reels are organized by document genre:

Reels 1-934:   Printed books
Reels 935-962: Pamphlets
Reel 963:  Photographs
Reels 964-995:  Manuscripts
Reels P1-P253:  Periodicals

1248 reels with Guide:
The History of women : an alphabetic index to the microfilm collection.  3 vols.
v. 1. Monographs, thru 1869
v. 2. Monographs, 1870-1900
v. 3. Monographs and pamphlets, 1870-1920. Manuscripts, photographs and periodicals, through 1920
LIB WEST, Reference                HQ 1121 .H581 Index

Indian census rolls, 1885-1940
LIB WEST, Microforms         E  98.C3 I5 1965
United States. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Washington : National Archives and Records Service, 1965.

Search the Library's online catalog using the tribal name as keyword:
example:  "indian census" and cheyenne
census and navajo

692 reels with Guide: 
Indian census rolls, 1885-1940
LIB WEST, Microforms Guides            E98.C3 I5 1973
Pamphlets in American History
LIB WEST, Microforms                    E  178 .P34

A microfiche collection of almost 16,000 pamphlets. While all periods of U.S. history up to the 1970s are represented, most documents were issued between 1820 and 1970.  The pamphlet is known as a “democratic medium:”  almost anyone could publish one.  These documents frequently reflect social protest, lobbying efforts, new political ideologies, and the cause celebreTypes of pamphlets include campaign literature, memoirs, personal narratives, published letters, travel accounts, eulogies, commemorative addresses, sermons, obituaries, biographies, autobiographies, published diaries, journals, speeches, legal decisions, trade-union leaflets. Well-known documents are represented, as well as previously neglected sources, providing a balanced view of the diverse opinions and concerns of the American people.


Pamphlets in American history : a bibliographic guide to the microform collection  Indexes to the collection are by Author, Title, Chronology, and Subject. Individual titles can be searched in the Library's online catalog under the series title, followed by the Section Category:
Pamphlets in american history Cooperative societies
Pamphlets in american history Indians
      Pamphlets in american history Labor

LIB WEST, Microform Guides         Z  1236 .P27 1979            

The documents are divided into categories, each with a corresponding guide:
Group I :      
Sect. 1.  Revolutionary war                        404 titles
Sect. 2.  Revolutionary war biography        140 titles
Sect. 3.  Biography (general)                    2578 titles
Sect. 4.  Women                                       646 titles
Sect. 5.  Indians                                      1516 titles
Group II :     
Sect. 1.  Civil liberties                                323 titles
Sect. 2.  Labor                                        3408 titles
Sect. 3.  Tariff and free trade                  1527 titles
Group III :    
Sect. 1.  Cooperative societies                   390 titles
Sect. 2.  Finance                                     2008 titles
Sect. 3.  Mexican War, 1846-1848             139 titles
Sect. 4.  Socialism                                     688 titles
Sect. 5.  War of 1812                                146 titles
Group IV :    
Sect. 1.  Catholicism & anti-Catholicism  1340 titles
Sect. 2.  Spanish-American War, 1898      392 titles
Group V :     
Sect. 1.  Civil War, 1861-1865                   743 titles
Sect. 2.   European War, 1914-1918          703 titles
Sect. 3.   Mormons and Mormonism          464 titles

Papers of the NAACP
LIB WEST, Microforms          E  185.61 G 861

67 reels, with Guide:  
A Guide to the microfilm edition of Papers of the NAACP
LIB WEST, Reference            E  185.61 .G861 1982 Guide
Library has:
Part 3, Series A-B: The Campaign for educational equality  (43 reels)
Part 6:  The Scottsboro Case, 1931-1950  (24 reels)
  (others purchased . . .)

The Papers of Albert Gallatin [1761-1849]
LIB WEST, Microforms         973.4 G164p

Includes published works, correspondence written and received, and official documents relating to his political duties; also later records relating to his estate and the publication of his biography written by Henry Adams. About 25,000 documents.
46 reels with Guide:                               
LIB WEST, Reference           Z  8321.35 .P755
The Papers of W.E.B. Du Bois
LIB WEST, Microforms      E  185.97.D73 A41

Over 100,000 items from the W.E.B. Du Bois Collection at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst; primarily correspondence, but also speeches, published works (fiction and non-fiction), photographs, and memorabilia.

89 reels with Guide:                    
LIB WEST, Reference            E  185.97.D73 A41 Guide
Describes each series with a selective list of items in that series. Indexes correspondents and subjects.

Province in Rebellion, a documentary history of the founding of the Commonweath of Massachusetts, 1774-1775
LIB WEST, Microforms        974.402 P969

Public records chronicling the growing friction between the British government and colonial Massachusetts have been reprinted in this collection with annotations and footnotes. Both sides of the conflict are represented. Over 3,000 pages of Royal correspondence, acts, proclamations, etc., plus documents of the Provincial Congresses, town and court records, and the like.
31 microfiche with Guide                    
LIB WEST, Microforms   974.402 P969 guide
The Guide provides a 145-page "interpretive essay" on events of the period, chronological listing of individual items and subject/name index. 

Records of ante-bellum southern plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War
LIB WEST, Microforms            HD  1471.U5 R431 1985

Numerous manuscript collections pertaining to plantation life in the Southern States from the late 1700s through the late 1800s. Includes slave records and correspondence of plantation owners.
With Guides

Series A:  Selections from the South Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina.
Part 1. The Papers of James Henry Hammond, 1795-1865. 15 reels.
Part 2. Miscellaneous Collections. 26 reels.
Series B:  Selections from the South Carolina Historical Society. 10 reels.
Series C:  Selections from the Library of Congress.
Part 1. Virginia. 8 reels.
Part 2. Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. 5 reels.
Series D:  Selections from the Maryland Historical Society. 14 reels.
Series E:  Selections from the University of Virginia Library.
Part 1. Virginia plantations. 39 reels.
Part 2. <without individual title> 26 reels.
Part 3. <without individual title> 30 reels.

British History

British History

Selected Microform Sets

Social and political status of women in Britain: radical and reforming periodicals for and by women

Women’s periodicals, covering all aspects of British emancipationist activities between the passing of the Married Woman’s Property Act in 1870 and the gaining of full, universal suffrage in 1928.  A wide range of viewpoints, from the evangelical and strongly pacifist Free Church Suffrage Times (1813-1915), to the highly political Women’s Franchise (1907-1911) and the internationalist journal Woman Worker (1926-1927) published by the Communist Party of Great Britain.  Contributors include Beatrice Webb, Millicent Fawcett, Philip Snowden, and H.N. Brailsford.
Series 1: Rare political, reforming and professional journals for and by women
Part One

LIBRARY WEST, Microform Area
       HQ  1101 .S6

Journal titles:
Church League for women's suffrage 1918-1928 (reel 1)
Church militant 1918-1924 (reel 2-3)
Conservative and unionist women's franchise review 1910-1916 (reel 4)
Free church suffrage times 1913-1915 (reel 5)
Coming day 1916-1920 (reel 5)
Independent suffragette 1916-1917 (reel 5)
Shafts 1892-1896 (reel 6-7)
Suffragist 1909 (reel 7)
Woman 1887 (reel 7)
Woman: Aweekly journal embodying female interests 1872 (reel 8)
Social review 1872 (reel 8)
Woman's opinion 1874 (reel 9)
Woman's franchise 1907-1911 (reel 9-10)
Woman's gazette and weekly news 1888-1891 (reel 11)
Woman's signal 1894-1899 (reel 12-15)
Woman's signal budget 1894-1895 (reel 16)
Woman's tribune 1906 (reel 16)
Woman and progress 1906-1907 (reel 16)
Woman worker 1926-1927 (reel 17)
Woman and work 1874-1876 (reel 17)
Women folk 1909 (reel 17)
Woman's suffrage 1907 (reel 17)

Series 1: Rare political, reforming and professional journals for and by women
Part Two:  1858-1935.
LIBRARY WEST, Microform Area            HQ1101 .S62

Barmaid 1891-1892 (reel 33)
British workwoman out and at home 1863-1896 (reels 18-20)
Business girl  1912 (reel 33)
Conservative woman 1921-1929 (reels 21-22)
Dilution of labour bulletin 1916-1918 (reel 22)
Domestic news 1915-1920 (reel 24)
Domestic servant's advertiser 1913 (reel 33)
Enterprise club magazine 1912-1913 (reel 25)
Federation news 1921-1924 (reel 31)
Feminine life 1921-1922 (reel 24)
Friend of women's suffrage 1914 (reel 25)
Home and politics 1920-1930 (reel 24)
Humanity 1913-1914 (reel 25)
Irish schoolmistress and female teacher's assistant 1891 (reel 25)
Journal 1893 (reel 25)
Journal of the University Association of Women Teachers 1892-1895 (reel 25
Journal of the Women's Education Union 1873-1881 (reel 26)
Kettledrum 1869 (reel 29)
Liberal woman's news 1924-1935 (reel 31-32)
Monthly news of the Conservative and Unionist Women's
Franchise  Reform Association 1914-1918 (reel 35)
Monthly news of the Conservative Women's Reform Association 1919-1924 (reel 35)
Official report of the Central Conference of Women Workers 1900; 1911 (reel 28)
Semptress 1855 (reel 28)
Suffragette news sheet 1916 (reel 35)
Taxette 1920-1923 (reel 35)
War-worker 1917-1919 (reel 28)
Waverly 1858 (reel 36)
Woman clerk 1919-1921 (reel 36)
Woman journalist 1910-1920 (reel 28)
Woman teacher 1911-1912 (reel 36)
Woman's advocate 1874 (reel 36)
Woman's year book 1923-1924 (reel 30)
Women's industrial news 1895-1919 (reels 37-38)
Women's liberal magazine 1920 (reel 31)
Women's opinion 1915 (reel 33)
Women's world (reel 29)
Working gentlewoman's journal 1909-1910 (reel 33)

Series 1 Rare political, reforming and professional journals for and by women
Part Three 1870-1939.
LIBRARY WEST            HQ1101 .S623

Anti suffrage review 1908-1918 (reels 43-44)
Catholic citizen 1918-1939 (reels 49-51)
Catholic suffragist 1916-1917 (reel 49)
Catholic Women's Suffrage Society 1912-1915 (reel 49)
Freewoman 1912 (reels 44-45)
Modern woman and her work 1915-1916 (reel 45)
National Council of Women news 1923-1930 (reels 52-54)
National Union of Woment Workers of Great Britain and Ireland
Woman engineer 1919-1936 (reel 55)
Women workers quarterly magazine 1891-1923 (reels 39-42)
Women's suffrage journal 1870-1890 (reels 46-48)





English Literary Periodicals

English Literary Periodicals, c. 1681-1914  

LIBRARY WEST, Microforms Area (3rd floor)

AP 3 .E55

A collection of 233 titles covering British life and culture, not only literary works.  Contributors and editors include Addison, Defoe, Eliot, Goldsmith, Hunt, Johnson, Lamb, Mill, Tennyson.
969 reels, 5,255 volumes



ACCESS: A cumulative index, Accessing English Literary Periodicals, A Guide to the Microfilm Collection, provides access by title, subject, editor, and reel number.
LIBRARY WEST, Reference        Z  692 .S5 U56 1981

Check UF Catalog for online copy available from the Center for Research Libraries

See also:

        Graham, Walter.  English Literary Periodicals. New York, Thomas Nelson, 1930.

             A history of selected periodicals.  UF Storage: 052.9 G742e

        Available on Hathi Trust: 

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