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General History: Historical Journals/Periodicals

Journals on microform


English Literary Periodicals, c. 1681-1914
LIBRARY WEST, Microforms Area (3rd floor)
AP 3 .E55
Collection of 233 titles covering British life and culture,
not only literary works.  Contributors and editors include
Addison, Defoe, Eliot, Goldsmith, Hunt, Johnson, Lamb,
Mill, Tennyson.
969 reels, 5,255 volumes
Print Guide:  
ACCESS: A cumulative index, Accessing
English Literary Periodicals, A Guide
to the Microfilm Collection, provides access
by title, subject, editor, and reel number.
Z  692 .S5 U56 1981
Listing of periodical titles:
Check UF catalog for online guide from the Center for Research Libraries
History of women
LIB WEST, Microforms         
HQ  1121 .H581  
Collection of literature on and by women to 1920. 
Reels are organized by document genre:
Reels P1-P253:  Periodicals
The History of women : an alphabetic index to the microfilm collection
v. 3. includes periodicals through 1920
LIBRARY WEST, Reference               
HQ 1121 .H581 Index

Social and political status of women in Britain: radical and reforming periodicals for and by women

Women’s periodicals, covering all aspects of British emancipationist activities between the passing of the Married Woman’s Property Act in 1870 and the gaining of full, universal suffrage in 1928.  A wide range of viewpoints, from the evangelical and strongly pacifist Free Church Suffrage Times (1813-1915), to the highly political Women’s Franchise (1907-1911) and the internationalist journal Woman Worker (1926-1927) published by the Communist Party of Great Britain.  Contributors include Beatrice Webb, Millicent Fawcett, Philip Snowden, and H.N. Brailsford.
Series 1: Rare political, reforming and professional journals for and by women
Part One

LIB WEST, Microforms
     HQ  1101 .S6

Journal titles:

Church League for women's suffrage 1918-1928 (reel 1)
Church militant 1918-1924 (reel 2-3)
Conservative and unionist women's franchise review 1910-1916 (reel 4)
Free church suffrage times 1913-1915 (reel 5)
Coming day 1916-1920 (reel 5)
Independent suffragette 1916-1917 (reel 5)
Shafts 1892-1896 (reel 6-7)
Suffragist 1909 (reel 7)
Woman 1887 (reel 7)
Woman: Aweekly journal embodying female interests 1872 (reel 8)
Social review 1872 (reel 8)
Woman's opinion 1874 (reel 9)
Woman's franchise 1907-1911 (reel 9-10)
Woman's gazette and weekly news 1888-1891 (reel 11)
Woman's signal 1894-1899 (reel 12-15)
Woman's signal budget 1894-1895 (reel 16)
Woman's tribune 1906 (reel 16)
Woman and progress 1906-1907 (reel 16)
Woman worker 1926-1927 (reel 17)
Woman and work 1874-1876 (reel 17)
Women folk 1909 (reel 17)
Woman's suffrage 1907 (reel 17)

Series 1: Rare political, reforming and professional journals for and by women
Part Two:  1858-1935.
LIB WEST, Microforms            HQ1101 .S62

Barmaid 1891-1892 (reel 33)
British workwoman out and at home 1863-1896 (reels 18-20)
Business girl  1912 (reel 33)
Conservative woman 1921-1929 (reels 21-22)
Dilution of labour bulletin 1916-1918 (reel 22)
Domestic news 1915-1920 (reel 24)
Domestic servant's advertiser 1913 (reel 33)
Enterprise club magazine 1912-1913 (reel 25)
Federation news 1921-1924 (reel 31)
Feminine life 1921-1922 (reel 24)
Friend of women's suffrage 1914 (reel 25)
Home and politics 1920-1930 (reel 24)
Humanity 1913-1914 (reel 25)
Irish schoolmistress and female teacher's assistant 1891 (reel 25)
Journal 1893 (reel 25)
Journal of the University Association of Women Teachers 1892-1895 (reel 25
Journal of the Women's Education Union 1873-1881 (reel 26)
Kettledrum 1869 (reel 29)
Liberal woman's news 1924-1935 (reel 31-32)
Monthly news of the Conservative and Unionist Women's
Franchise  Reform Association 1914-1918 (reel 35)
Monthly news of the Conservative Women's Reform Association 1919-1924 (reel 35)
Official report of the Central Conference of Women Workers 1900; 1911 (reel 28)
Semptress 1855 (reel 28)
Suffragette news sheet 1916 (reel 35)
Taxette 1920-1923 (reel 35)
War-worker 1917-1919 (reel 28)
Waverly 1858 (reel 36)
Woman clerk 1919-1921 (reel 36)
Woman journalist 1910-1920 (reel 28)
Woman teacher 1911-1912 (reel 36)
Woman's advocate 1874 (reel 36)
Woman's year book 1923-1924 (reel 30)
Women's industrial news 1895-1919 (reels 37-38)
Women's liberal magazine 1920 (reel 31)
Women's opinion 1915 (reel 33)
Women's world (reel 29)
Working gentlewoman's journal 1909-1910 (reel 33)

Series 1 Rare political, reforming and professional
journals for and by women
Part Three 1870-1939.
LIB WEST, Microforms            HQ1101 .S623

Anti suffrage review 1908-1918 (reels 43-44)
Catholic citizen 1918-1939 (reels 49-51)
Catholic suffragist 1916-1917 (reel 49)
Catholic Women's Suffrage Society 1912-1915 (reel 49)
Freewoman 1912 (reels 44-45)
Modern woman and her work 1915-1916 (reel 45)
National Council of Women news 1923-1930 (reels 52-54)
National Union of Woment Workers of Great Britain and Ireland
Woman engineer 1919-1936 (reel 55)
Women workers quarterly magazine 1891-1923 (reels 39-42)
Women's suffrage journal 1870-1890 (reels 46-48)

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