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General History: Political Cartoons

Harper's Weekly


    A major weekly magazine from New York that focused on politics, published from 1857 to 1916.  It is most noted for its coverage of the American Civil War.  One of its featured political cartoonist was Thomas Nast.   Smathers Libraries subscribes to these years:

1857 - 1865: Civil War Era
1866 - 1871: Reconstruction I
1872 - 1877: Reconstruction II

You can search this database for illustrations using the guide, Harper's Weekly Indexes

HarpWeek Explore History 

A web-free version, highlighting:

Presidential Elections, 1860-1912
The impeachment of Andrew Johnson
Hayes vs. Tilden (Electoral College controversy, 1876-1877)
Nast and Shakespeare
Nast vs. Candidate Greely (1872 elections)
Nast on Broadway: His grand caricaturama, 1868
Abraham Lincoln: Comic portraits of his Presidency 

Toward Racial Equality: HW reports on Black America, 1857-1874

with sections on Slavery, Civil War, Reconstruction, Culture & Society

Political Cartoons from the Library of Congress

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