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Native American Oral History Interviews

A guide to the Native American History Project collection housed within the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program and supported through the UF Libraries’ Digital Collections, with funding from the Doris Duke Chartable Foundation.

Copyright & Ownership

Copyright, Ownership, & Indigenous Knowledge

  • The Tipi with Battle Pictures: The Kiowa Tradition of Intangible Property Rights, by Candace Greene and Thomas Drescher, 1994. Available at UF
  • Protecting Tribal Stories: The Perils of Propertization, by Stephen D. Osborne, 2003. Available at UF; Public access
  • Indigenous Dignity and the Right to Be Forgotten, by Trevor Reed, 2021. Available at UF; Public access
  • ‘Straight Stealing’: Towards an Indigenous System of Cultural Property Protection, by Angela R. Riley, 2005. Available at UF; Public access
  • Copyright Law and Indigenous Intellectual Property Rights for Canadian Archivists and Records Managers, by Tomoko Shida, 2021. Public access

Oral History

Oral Histories & Ethics

  • Sharing Oral History with Arctic Indigenous Communities: Ethical Implications of Bringing Back Research Results, by Lukas Allemann and Stephan Dudekc, 2019. Available at UF; Public access
  • Consent in Oral History Interviews: Unique Challenges, by Geertje Boschma, Olive Yonge, and Lorraine Mychajlunow, 2003. Available at UF
  • Nikîkîwân: Contesting Settler-Colonial Archives through Indigenous Oral History, by Dallas Hunt, 2016. Available at UF; Public access

In Darcie Little Badger's young adult novel A Snake Falls to Earth, Nina, a Lipan girl, tells stories to the world using an online program. When she begins to meet spirits and monsters from the old stories and her family's land is threatened, Nina must decide the right stories to tell—or not tell.


Archives, Knowledge, & Classification Systems

  • Introduction: Indigeneity and the Work of Settler Archives, by Melissa Adams-Campbell, Ashley Glassburn Falzetti and Courtney Rivard, 2015. Public access
  • The Politics of Global Information Sharing: Whose Cultural Agendas Are Being Advanced?, by Kathy Bowrey and Jane Anderson, 2019. Available at UF
  • A Case Study in Indigenous Classification: Revisiting and Reviving the Brian Deer Scheme, by Alissa Cherry and Keshav Mukunda, 2015. Public access
  • Decolonial Sensibilities: Indigenous Research and Engaging with Archives in Contemporary Colonial Canada, by Crystal Fraser and Zoe Todd, 2016. Public access 
  • The Spectre in the Archive: Truth, Reconciliation, and Indigenous Archival Memory, by J. J. Ghaddar, 2016. Available at UF; Public access
  • Archival Captive—The American Indian, by William Hagan, 1978. Available at UF; Public access
  • ‘The Right to Know’: Decolonizing Native American Archives, by Jennifer R. O'Neal, 2015. Available at UF; Public access
  • Graded Access to Sensitive Materials at the Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America, by Heidi Johnson, 2003. Available at UF
  • Sustaining Indigenous Culture: The Structure, Activities, and Needs of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums, by Miriam Jorgensen, 2012. Public access
  • Confronting Our Failure of Care Around the Legacies of Marginalized People in the Archives, by Bergis Jules, 2016. Public access
  • Subverting the Universality of Metadata Standards, by María Montenegro, 2019. Available at UF; Public access
  • Indigenous Records: Connecting, Critiquing and Diversifying Collections, by Kirsten Thorpe, 2014. Public access


Digitization, Databases, & Repatriation

  • After the Return: Digital Repatriation and the Circulation of Indigenous Knowledge, by Joshua A. Bell, Kimberly Christen, and Mark Turin, 2003. Available at UF; Public access
  • Opening Archives: Respectful Repatriation, by Kimberly Christen, 2011. Available at UF; Public access
  • From the Smithsonian’s MacFarlane Collection to Inuvialuit Living History, by Kate Hennessy, 2017. Available at UF; Public access
  • Indigenous Digital Collections: An Early Look at the Organization and Culture Interface, by Martin Nakata et al., 2008. Available at UF; Public access
  • Going Home: The Digital Return of Films at the National Museum of the American Indian, by Jennifer R. O'Neal, 2013. Available at UF; Public access
  • Decolonization and Databases: Examining Collections Management Systems and Decolonizing Practice, by Courtney E. P. Sprague, 2021. Public access
  • Storytelling Photographs, Animating Anangu: How Ara Irititja - an Indigenous Digital Archive in Central Australia - Facilitates Cultural Reproduction, by Sabra Thorner and John Dallowitz, 2015. Available at UF
  • Designing Archival Information Systems through Partnerships with Indigenous Communities: Developing the Mukurtu Hubs and Spokes Model in Australia, by Kristen Thorpe et al., 2021. Available at UF; Public access
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