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Native American Oral History Interviews

A guide to the Native American History Project collection housed within the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program and supported through the UF Libraries’ Digital Collections, with funding from the Doris Duke Chartable Foundation.

General Resources


Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums

Supports Indigenous cultural organizations in the United States

Hopi Music Project

Initiative created by Dr. Trevor Reed to repatriate unethically recorded sacred Hopi songs currently held in Columbia University's Center for Ethnomusicology

Protocol Guides

Protocols for Native American Archival Materials

Best practices for non-Tribal archives, libraries, and museums, developed by the First Archivist Circle

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Protocols for Libraries, Archives and Information Services

Guide for libraries, archives, and information services to appropriately working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and materials

The American Philosophical Society Protocols for the Treatment of Indigenous Materials

Protocols the American Philosophical Society uses to guide collaboration with indigenous communities whose cultural materials are housed in the APS library.

Indigenous Rights

Vine Deloria Jr.'s "The Right To Know" To-Do List

Deloria's proposed tasks for the federal government's support of Native American archives

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Defines the individual and collective rights of Indigenous peoples worldwide

Related Projects

Digitizing Indigenous Culture

Plateau Peoples' Web Portal

Mukurtu site curating the cultural materials of eight Native American Tribes held in archives, libraries, and museums across the United States

Southwest Oregon Research Project

Online database collecting scattered archival materials related to the Indigenous peoples of Oregon

Aṟa Irititja

Keeping Culture site storing and repatriating Aṉangu cultural materials; software was developed in response to Aṉangu priorities, and access is restricted to Aṉangu peoples.

Canning Stock Route Project

The Canning Stock Route Project archive preserves and shares Aboriginal cultural heritage. It is also an interdisciplinary collective of Aboriginal artists and cultural enterprises.

The Mukla Project

Sustaining and protecting Yolŋu cultural knowledge in Northeast Arnhem Land with a living digital cultural archive


Digital space for Indigenous communities to promote and share linguistic and language-learning materials; access may be either public or private

Indigenizing Archives

NSLA Culturally Safe Libraries Program

Program ensuring libraries are cultural safe spaces for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, based on the ATISILIRN Protocols


Initiatives furthering Indigenous data sovereignty


Mukurtu CMS

Content management system designed for Indigenous communities to manage an share digital cultural heritage

Keeping Culture KMS

Knowledge management system for combining digital media and cultural knowledge

Local Contexts

Traditional Knowledge and biocultural digital markers supporting the management of Indigenous cultural heritage

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