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Artificial Intelligence (AI): Introduction

ARCS-AI (Academic Search Consulting and Services Department) is a library group that offers introductory level short AI tutorials and projects for the UF community

Oversimplified steps to prepare your project using machine learning

                    1                                     2                                    3

             For 1,    making sure machine learning method(s) is actually needed for your research project is the important first step. Checking with your professor first is highly recommended. I am happy to meet you if you'd like to discuss machine learning methods for your project idea. (Email Borui)

             For 2,    many machine learning modeling algorithms are out there, you need to find the right ones for you (or create the ones by yourself -- Go Gator data scientist!) You will need to review a certain amount of literature and learn some AI theories and coding for being able to implement a model. Fortunately, UF offers many AI training opportunities -- UF Research Computing offers different levels of AI training. You can also check if machine learning courses are offered at your college. 

             For 3,   depending on the size of your data and the complexity of the algorithms, you might able be able to run machine learning experiments on your own laptop locally or using cloud computing resources such as Google Colab. You must know that UF has the most academically powerful research computing resource - HiperGator. You may apply for the Library HiPerGator Sponsorship to use it for your project.  

Submitting your first collaborative AI work?


 Overleaf is a web-based Latex editing tool easy to use for collaborators. UF is providing Overleaf Professional features for all students, faculty, and staff who would like to use a collaborative, online LaTeX editor for their projects. 


Wiki Call For Papers is a list of places that researchers bookmark for exploring places to submit AI/ML papers.

Introduction to AI


Quick Setup Programming Environment

  is an easy and free way to install machine learning/data science packages (over 250 packages automatically installed, and over 7,500 additional open-source) on your personal computers. 


   You can also work in a cloud computing environment by getting yourself an HiPerGator Account. Request your account

A reminder that if you work with Protected Health Information (PHI) or Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) restricted data, please follow the policies and procedures described for PHI and for FERPA data. The process includes the requirement to submit a request.

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