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Born Digital Archival Content (BDAC) Working Group : Meeting Information for BDAC 2.0

The BDAC working group is charged with developing a robust and sophisticated digital archives program to ensure long term access to and preservation of born digital archival content created in Special and Area Studies Collections.

About this page..

On this page, BDAC 2.0 members will find information about meetings such as date and general topical coverage. 

BDAC 2.0 Meeting information

  1. 2015/07/01 - Peggy, Steve and Cathy met to discuss BDAC 2.0. Topics covered include BDAC 1.0, the state of BDAC materials in SASC now, how this version of the group should proceed and a small set of action items. Cathy would revise the BDAC Lib Guide and everyone would check out the readings in the packets brought by Peggy. Peggy will keep Haven in the loop and Cathy will update John re: group activities. We will meet again in two weeks.
  2. 2015/08/03 - Peggy, Cathy and Allison met to discuss BDAC options. 
  3. 2015/08/24 next meeting with Peggy, Cathy and Allison
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