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Biomedical Engineering: Journal Articles

Resources to locate articles, books, and other information in the area of Biomedical Engineering and Radiological Sciences.

Location of BME Journals

The Biomedical Engineering journals are split between on the 3rd floors of Marston Science Library and the Health Science Center Libraries (Note: journals at the HSCL are shelved by alphabetical by title). Use the below chart to determine the relevant call number for your area. Otherwise, search the library catalog by subject or title.

Call # Subject


Human physiology, engineering


Medical physics. Medical radiology. Nuclear medicine 




Biomedical technology


Radiology, diagnostic imaging

Find It @ UF in Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar and want to know what UF has it? Follow these steps:

  1. Select Library Links from Google Scholars Settings page
  2. Search for University of Florida
  3. Select University of Florida - Find it @ UF

JOVE - Journal of Visualized Experiments

UF has a subscription to Journal of Visualized Experiments for the areas of: Biology, Chemistry, Immunology, Medicine, & Neuroscience. Journal of Visualized Experiments publish standard techniques and novel experimental approaches in these areas.  Videos of the techniques accompany the articles.

Tissue Properties

The Tissue Properties Database includes properties like density, thermal conductivity, heat transfer rate, viscosity, acoustic properties, tissue weight fractions:

Suggested Databases

Finding Trade Journal Articles

One of the quickest ways to locate trade journal articles is to use OneSearch.

  1. Search your topic below 
  2. Select Trade Publications (you may have to click Show More to see this option) from Format which is located in the Refine Results bar on the left-hand side .

Latest from IEEE Pulse

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Is this journal peer-reviewed? Is this a trade magazine?

Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory can help you answer these questions.  Simply search the journal title to determine if it is peer reviewed/refereed (look for the tiny referee shirt). Ulrich's will also tell you if the title is a trade magazine or journal.

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