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Special Collections materials for QUEST 1: Pirates and Power



How have pirates been described through the ages, and how have those perceptions changed? UF's Special and Area Studies collections contains a wide range of materials dealing with the history, lore, and punishment of piracy, from printed books made during the period of Atlantic exploration to the portrayals of pirates in film and media.

This course guide contains an overview of the resources you'll see in your visit to the collections, the outline of a learning activity to get you started working with primary sources, and information about how to request and handle collections materials on your own for your final assignment. The "Digital Resources" tab will be updated with scans of materials from the visit, where available.


Before Your Visit:

Please plan not to bring any food and drink to the libraries, if possible. Our Handling Special Collections video will give a summary of how to use the different types of materials you'll see during the visit, as well as how to use them in our reading rooms.

You'll be able to take pictures of the materials we have out, so be sure to bring your phones with you.

Contact the Curators:

James Cusick, Curator of the PK Yonge Library of Florida History

Neil Weijer, Curator of the Harold and Mary Jean Hanson Rare Book Collection

Introductory Materials

During the first part of the visit, students will be given a general overview of the collections and our holding areas, as well as a walk-through of representative items from the collections by the curators. These are intended to give a sense of what they will explore in the rest of the session. They are not an exact or all-encompassing list of what can be found to use in the class. For a more expansive list of materials, see the "Special Collections Materials" tab.

Materials Overview

Representative samples of the genres of material and collections that hold resources for the class. Click the thumbnail to view the full slideshow.


Rare Books in the History of Piracy

This video provides more information about the early histories used in this visit, as well as some other materials that can be found in UF's Rare Book Collection. If you'd like to use these materials, please refer to the list of resources on the "Using Special Collections" Tab.

Curator of Rare Books

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Neil Weijer
200G Smathers Library
352 273-5743
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