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UFDC XML Batch Updates: Adding Content to XMLs

Steps and tools for updating UFDC XML records by batch


1. set the location to insert new content. 

  • Open one file from the batch in Oxygen XML Editor
  • Tools --> XML Refactoring --> Elements --> Fragments--> filling the information for the following fields in the popup window
    • XML Fragment: ContentAdding
    • Location
      • Path: mods:mods
      • Position: Last child
    • Next >Preview (Preview the first test file before switch the Scope to "Working sets")

2. Replace "ContentAdding" with the right formated XML chunks, see templates below:

Alternative Title

<mods:titleInfo type="alternative" >

<mods:title>The Additional Title</mods:title>


Uniform Title

<mods:titleInfo type="uniform" >

<mods:title>The Additional Title</mods:title>


Publisher, Publication Year/Time


<mods:publisher>The Additional Place Name</mods:publisher>

<mods:dateIssued>The Additional Year</mods:dateIssued>


OCLC number (Please note, in most cases, we may ask just to replace OCLC number, so we won't need to use this process.)

<mods:identifier type="OCLC">The Additional Number</mods:identifier>

If to update multiple fields, can put all chunks together as below and then use Find and Replace, that is, to replace "ContentFinding" with all the following: 

<mods:titleInfo type="alternative" >
<mods:titleInfo type="uniform" >
<mods:identifier type="OCLC">20230508testing</mods:identifier>

Publication Place (it can be updated, but the Xpath is different from the above) 


<sobekcm:Name>University of Florida</sobekcm:Name>

<sobekcm:PlaceTerm type="text">Gainesville, FL</sobekcm:PlaceTerm>


Sample Testing:

University of Florida Home Page

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