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UFDC XML Batch Updates: FAQ

Steps and tools for updating UFDC XML records by batch

Updating UFDC Fields in XML

Last Updated April 2024 by Armaan Kalkat

1. Updating Publisher in XML

There are two separate parts of the XML file to update when modifying the Publisher field on UFDC.

The first chunk of XML code to update is in the <mods:publisher> tag (see screenshot below)

The second chunk of XML code that needs to also be updated (with matching values) is in the <sobekcm:publisher> tag within a subfield<sobekcm:Name> (see screenshot below)

Without changing the values in both of these sections of XML code and ensuring that the values match in both sections, extra instances of publisher can be created in the UFDC record.


2. Updating Resource Type in XML

To change Resource Type (also referred to as Media Type on new UFDC), there are multiple places in the XML code to be edited, with the exact number depending on the desired resource type.

  • Photograph Resource Type

There are two places in the XML code to edit to change Resource Type to "Photograph." 

The first section to change (this is the same for all Resource Types) is at the very top of the XML code, alongside the title. This section shows up as green text in Oxygen XML Editor. The Resource Type information is in parentheses with spaces on either side of the value. These values must come from the SobekCM list of accepted Resource Types. For "Photograph", enter "Photograph" (see screenshot below). 




The second section to change is the <mods:typeofResource> chunk. The values that should be entered in this tag can be found in the following SobekCM documentation chart (from Ensure that the MODS term matches with the SobekCM term from the following chart.



For "Photograph," this would be "still image." (see screenshot below)



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