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LIT 3031: Women's Poetry (M. Bryant, Instructor): Home

A guide for students enrolled in the LIT 3383/Fall 2023 Class

General Information for LIT 3031/Bryant

Resources for Assignment 3: Magazine Analysis

This guide will help you navigate resources available either through the library's databases, through freely available online resources, or via hard copy (particularly microfilm). The first section has links to online versions of the journals your instructor has cited, the second section lists the available microfilm resources (for titles/materials that are not available online), and the third section has information on how to access online materials using off-campus networks, how to download files from the Internet Archive, and off-campus access to databases. The instructor's full description of the assignment and what is expected by the instructor for this assignment can be found on the Assignment tab, for referral. 

Materials for this assignment are available in different formats; whenever possible, links to full text scans of the journal have been providefdd. See the Journal Titles, Links and Availablity tab of this guide for exact information. If a title is only available via hard copy or microfilm, that title will be available in Room 337 on the 3rd  floor of Library West.. For access to this area, go to the Circulation Desk of Library West. Please leave hard copy materials in Room 337. 

Should you have any questions ABOUT THE AVAILABILITY OF LIBRARY MATERIAL, please feel free to contact me at



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