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Resources to locate articles, books, and other information in the area of Agricultural Sciences.

Why Cite?

Research ethics are important for the development of new knowledge.  For information on the University of Florida's code of ethics and how to avoid plagiarism, visit our Responsible Conduct of Research guide.

Citation Formatting Help

Purdue Online Writing Lab provides examples and easy explanations for major citation formats APA, MLA, Chicago Styles.

FAQs about APA Citation Style


Anatomy of a Citation

What's in a citation?  

  • Author(s)
  • Date of publication
  • Title of publication (For articles include article title and journal name)
  • Book Publisher (location and name)
  • Details (volume, issue & pages for articles plus DOI; include URL for online resources)



Childers, N. F. (Ed.). (2003). The strawberry: a book for growers, others. Gainesville, FL: N. F. Childers Publications.

Journal article

Cordova, L. G., Madden, L. V., Amiri, A., Schnabel, G., & Peres, N. A. (2017). Meta-analysis of a web-based disease forecast system for control of anthracnose and botrytis fruit rots of strawberry in southeastern United States. Plant Disease101(11):1910-1917. doi: 10.1094/PDIS-04-17-0477-RE


Southeast Climate Consortium, AgroClimate. (n.d.). Strawberry Advisory System [Interactive graph].

Options for Citation Management

All Citation Management Software allow you to collect, organize, and format citations.  The University provides support for EndNote Web but there are other options available too. A comparison of the main citation management programs used is available here.

  1. EndNote Web (EndNote Basic; EndNote Online) is web-based and is a simplified version of EndNote.  It has the ability to work in tandem with EndNote, as well as be a stand-alone system.  The downsides are  a 10,000 citation limit, it doesn't support attachments, or provide the ability to edit citation styles.
  2. Mendeley is web-based and has the ability to add citations in MS Word.  Has a cool drag-n-drop feature with pdf attachments and allows you to share your citations in a social network. The downside is you are not able to edit citation styles. While we do not teach Mendeley, it is a popular and available system.
  3. Zotero is a very easy-to-use open source tool. The program lives right in your browser! Using Zotero, it is especially easy to capture and save citations found on webpages, and to add notes and other information to saved citations for efficient and creative organization. Zotero also offers a plugin for MS Word so you can cite while you write. The downside is you are not able to edit citation styles.
  4. SciWheel  is a citation management software free to UF scholars.  It is mobile-device friendly and offers easy options to add and share notes. The program employs an algorithm to suggest related articles.
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