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Public Health: Biostatistics

Sources for all disciplines charged with ensuring the health of whole populations.

Statistical Tools

Brett Keller - "Hunger Games Survival Analysis" - recommended by a UF PhD student in Epidemiology.

Statwing - Program that analyzes data from your spreadsheets. Demo included. This version is supposedly compatible with all operating systems as long as they're sufficiently up to date.

Wolfram Alpha Statistics & Data Analysis  = descriptive stats, regression analysis, statistical distribution & probability.


The Health Science Center Library loaded SAS and SPSS software on some computers for your use. Ask at the 1st floor Information desk which computers. Please note that we don't offer instruction or troubleshooting--just the software.


MathSciNet - in the Ebsco suite of databases

Biostatistics E-Books

Adaptive Designs for Sequential Treatment Allocation, 1 ed. Antognini, 2015.

Age-Period-Cohort Models: Approaches and Analyses with Aggregate Data. Robert M. O'Brien. 2015.

Basic & Clinical Biostatistics. 5e. Susan White, Beth Dawson. McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 2020.

Dynamical Biostatistical Models. Daniel Commenges,Helene Jacqmin-Gadda. 2015.

Empirical Likelihood Method in Survival Analysis.Mai Zhou, CRC Press. 2016.

Handbook of Survival Analysis. John P. Klein, CRC Press. 2014.

Interval-Censored Time-to-Event Data: Methods and Applications. Ding-Geng Chen; Jianguo Sun; Karl E. Peace, CRC Press. 2013.

Mendelian Randomization: Methods for Using Genetic Variants in Causal Estimation.  Stephen Burgess, Simon G.Thompson, CRC Press. 2015.

Meta-regression Approaches: What, Why, When and How?  Sally C Morton,  John L Adams, Marika J Suttorp, Paul G Shekelle. AHRQ Technical Reviews, No. 8, Report No.: 04-0033. March 2004.

Methods and Applications of Longitudinal Data Analysis. Xian Liu, Academic Press, 2016.

Nonlinear  dynamic modeling of physiological systems. Vasilis Z. Marmarelis. Wiley 2004.

Primer of Biostatistics. 6 ed. Stanton Glantz. McGraw-Hill, 2005.

Randomization in clinical trials: theory and practice, 2 ed. William F. Rosenberger; John M. Lachi, Wiley, 2016.

Small Sample Size Solutions : A Guide for Applied Researchers and Practitioners.  Rens van de Schoot and Milica Miočević, eds.  Taylor & Francis Group, 2020.

Stochastic models with applications to genetics, cancers, AIDS and other biomedical systems, 2 ed. W.Y. Tan,2016.

Systems to Rate the Strength of Scientific Evidence. Suzanne West, Valerie King, Timothy S Carey, Kathleen N Lohr, Nikki McKoy, Sonya F Sutton, BSPH,  Linda Lux.Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 47, Report No.: 02-E016. Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Qualitiy (US); April 2002.


Don't forget the possibility of PRINT books on the library's shelves--including some recent titles not yet (or ever?) out in ebook format.

Biostatistics Online Tutorials

Little Handbook of Statistical Practice (Tufts) Page "frozen" (not updated) since) 2012 but easily navigatable explanations for review.

A Mathematical Way to Think about Biology  - Videos and open course ware on topics like stochastic dynamics, probability and statsitsics, uncertainty propagation, physical oncology, differential equations and more.

Pitt's Statistical SuperCourse Created/"last updated" 5/20/05 but neatly organized lessons on Poisson processes, Markov Chain, Multiple Logistic Regression and other techniques.

Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics - multimedia, case studies and analytical lab. Last update 7/3/18

StatSoft Electronic Textbook - "more online textbook than course" 2012

Web Interface for Statistical Education tutorials from Claremon Gradute University. 2015.

Statistics basics

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