Religious Studies

This will feature an array of research tools in Religious Studies to support primarily the research of students and faculty at the University of Florida.

Religion Titles (Local)

Below is a list of journals of interest to those studying religion.

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Call Nos.
America BX801 .A5; 282.05 A512
American Benedictine Review BX3001 .A55; 271.105;A512
American Indian religions E98.R3A43
Anglican and Episcopal History BX5800 .H5; 283.73 H673
Anglican Theological Review BX5001 A649D891103
The Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics BJ1188.5 S65a
Baptist History and Heritage BX6207 .S6; 286.05 B222
Bharat Iya Vidya DS401.B48
Biblica BS410 .B; 220.05 B582
Biblical Archaeologist BS620.A1 B5
Biblical Interpretation BS410.B53
Biblical Research 220 B5824 (storage)
Bulletin of the Government Oriental Manuscripts Library, Madras Z6605.O7 G7
Catholic Biblical Quarterly BS410 C3
CETEDOC library of Christian Latin texts BR45.C471
Christian Century BR1 .C45
Christianity Today BR1 .C6418; 230.05;C555
Church and Society BT738 .C52; 261.805 C562
Church History 280.5 C562
Concilium 230.2 C744
Cross Currents BR1 .C6978; 260.5 C951
Darshan BL624.D28
Dialog BR1 .D5 ; 230.05 D536
Dialogue & alliance BL1.D48
Die Welt des Islams DS36 .W4
Eastern Buddhist BL1400 .E3; 294.39205 E13
Ecumenical Review BX1 .E3;260.5 E19
Eps, Ecumenical Press Service 260.5 E192
Expository Times BS410 .E8; 220.05 E96
First things BL51 .F5
Harvard Theological Review BR1 .H4; 205 H339
Heythrop journal BX801 .H4; 105 H621
History of Religions BL1 .H5; 205 H673
Horizons BR1 H83
Iconography of Religions Call no varies.
IJCR International Journal of Comparative religion BR100 .P44
International journal for philosophy of religion 200.5;I612

International journal of comparative religion and philosophy

BR100 .P44
International Review of Mission BV2351 .I6; 266.05 I61
Interpretation BR1 .I57
Islamic Law and Society K9.S52
Japanese journal of religious studies BL2202 .J35
Journal for the scientific study of religion BL1 .J6
Journal for the study of the Pseudepigrapha BS1700 J67
Journal of Biblical Literature BS410 .J7
Journal of Ecclesiastical History 270.05 J86
Journal of Ecumenical Studies BX1 .J6
Journal of Indian Philosophy 181.405 J86
Journal of interdisciplinary studies BD255 .J68
Journal of Islamic Studies BP1 .J687
Journal of Maghrebi Studies DT181.J68
The Journal of Oriental research, Madras PK101.J6
Journal of Religion BR1 .J65; 205;J86
Journal of Religion in Africa BL2400 .J68
Journal of Religious Ethics BJ1 .J67
Journal of Religious Gerontology BV4580 .A1J68
Journal of Religious Studies BL1 J63
Journal of Religious Thought BR1 J67
Journal of Ritual Studies BL1 J65
Journal of Sikh Studies BL2017 J67
Journal of the American Academy of Religion BV1460 .N23; 220 J86
The journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies BQ 2 .I55A
The Journal of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives BQ 9250 .J69
Journal of the Tanjore Maharaja Se Z671.M19
Journal of Theological Studies 230.05;J86
Kairos; Zeitschrift für Religionswissenschaft und Theologie BL1.K3
Listening 080 L773
Medieval encounters: Jewish, Christian and Muslim culture in confluence and
CB351 .M43
Mennonite Quarterly Review BX8101 .M4
Method and theory in the study of religion BL1.M48
Methodist History BX8235 .M44
Millennial Prophecy Report BT875.A1 M54
Month 052 M788
Muslim World 297.05 M987
Mystics Quarterly BV5077 G7 F78
National Catholic Reporter BX801 N35
New Testament Abstracts BS410 .N35
New Testament Studies 282.05 N934
Novum Testamentum 225 N946
Numen 290.5
Parabola BL1.P25
Periodical Islamica Z6293.P47
Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society 287.109 W513PR
Quaker History 289.609 Q1
RCDA, Religion in Communist Domina 332.05 R382
Records of the American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia 282.7305 A512r
Reallexikon für Antiké und Christentum BR131.R4
Reallexikon für Antiké und Christentum ; Supplement BR131.R4SUPPL
Religion 200.5 R3824
Religion and American Culture BL 65 .C8R42
The Religion & society report BL60 R42
Religion and Reason Call no varies
Religion and Society 200.5 R382
Religion Index one Z7753 A5
Religion Watch BL1.R38
Religious and Theological Abstracts BR1 R286D830330
Religious Studies 205 R3825
Religious Studies Review Z7751 R38
Religious Traditions BL1 R445
Restoration Quarterly BR1 R48
Revision BF309.R35
Revue Biblique 220.05 R454
Revue D'Histoire Et De Philosophie 230.05 R454
Revue d'histoire et de philosophie religieuses 200.5 R454VVKD841217
Revue Des Etudes Augustiniennes BX2901 R4
Scottish Journal of Theology 205 S431
Semeia 220.05 S471
Sojourners BR115 W6 S55VVKD850308
Soundings 205 C5554
South Asia in Review  
South Asia library notes and queries DS335 .S64
Studia Islamica 297.05 S933
Studia Mystica BL625 S79
Studies in Religion 200.5 S9334
Syzygy : journal of alternative religion and culture BP600.S98
Tamil Civilization DS432.T3T34
Theological Studies 230.205 T391
Theologische Literaturzeitung 016.21 T391
Theologische Rundschau 230.05 T3912
Theological dictionary of the Old Testament BS440 B5713
Theology Today 205 T391
Theosophical History BP500 .T53
Ultimate Reality and Meaning BD331 U43
Union Seminary Quarterly Review 205 U583
U.S. Catholic 282.05 U106
U.S. Catholic Historian BX1404 .U23
Vedanta Kesari 181.48 V414
Vetus Testamentum 220.05 V593
World Order 297.8905 W927
Worship BV175 W67VVKD820707
Yearbook of American and Canadian churches BR513 .Y4
Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche wissenschaft 221.05 Z48
Zeitschrift für die Neutestamentliche Wissenschaft und die
Kunde der alteren Kirche.
225.05 Z48
Zeitschrift für Theologie und Kirche 205 Z482
Zeitschrift für Theologie und Kirche. Beiheft BR4 Z75 Suppl No
Zygon 215.05 Z99




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