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Head, Neck, Ear pix

Anatomy TV - Dentistry. To navigate to the Head & Neck sections:

  1. Use a computer with a UF IP address, or the VPN or Proxy service to go to the Health Science Center Library's Databases  page
  2. Click on Stat!Ref in the Quick Picks table near the top of the Databases page.
  3. Click on I accept.
  4. Click on the icon of Anatomy.TV (2nd row of boxes)
  5. Click on the icon on the resulting page.
  6. X out of the window offering the marketing video.
  7. Click on the Dentistry icon.        Dentistry
  8. Use the navigational buttons along the top

or the outline under 3-D in the bottom right box to navigate to the structure of interest, then use the buttons under the image to rotate, zoom in or out and/or add nerves, muscles and bones in layers.


Cervical Spine Radiology (University of Washington Radiographic Anatomy of the Skeleton, Last updated 1/98) 

Otolaryngology Houston Pictures. Bechara Y. Ghorayeb, MD  Last update 10/4/14

OtoRhinoLaryngology Portal . Rahmat Omaroray, MBBS, MS (Malaysia) Copyright 2010-2017.

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