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Research Metrics: Measuring the Influence and Impact of Research

A guide to understanding impact factors, journal rankings, h-index, alt-metrics, and other means of analyzing the influence and impact of published research.


Take charge of your online presence: Get an ORCID!

An ORCID is a unique, persistent identifier for researchers and scholars that stays with you throughout your career.  This helps improve the discoverability of your work, connects your works, and eliminates name ambiguity. Get an ORCID profile and link it to your UF Research:

check icon Register for an ORCID iD and/or connect it to UF:

check icon Connect your iD to your work.

check icon Use your iD in grants, publications, datasets, etc.

An ORCID is important for addressing author disambiguation (different authors with the same name) and linking scholarly publications across multiple systems used by publishers, scholarly societies, funding bodies, and employing institutions. 

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