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Research Metrics: Measuring the Influence and Impact of Research

A guide to understanding impact factors, journal rankings, h-index, alt-metrics, and other means of analyzing the influence and impact of published research.

What is "Altmetrics?"

"Altmetrics is the creation and study of new metrics based on the Social Web for analyzing, and informing scholarship." -

"An approach called altmetrics—short for alternative metrics—aims to measure Web-driven scholarly interactions, such as how often research is tweeted, blogged about, or bookmarked." - Chronicle of Higher Education

"The term "altmetrics" refers to a group of different techniques and technologies all meant to wrestle with the issues of scholarship moving to digital venues. The issues include filtering good/better/best from bad/worse/worst challenge of keeping up with digitally borne scholarship, and effectively replacing or reinforcing traditional measures of success in scholarship (e.g., prestigious journals, positive peer review, cite counts, etc.)." The Scholarly Kitchen

"Altmetrics could be used in evaluating scholars or institutions, complementing unidimensional citation counts with a rich array of indicators revealing diverse impacts on multiple populations. They could also inform new, real-time filters for scholars burdened by information overload: imagine a system that gathers and analyses the bookmarks, pageviews, tweets, and blog posts from your online networks, using your interactions with them to learn and display each day’s most important articles or posts." Jason Priem, for the London School of Economics and Political Science


Altmetrics Apps and Tools

56 Indicators of Impact

See this blog post by J. Britt Holbrook for further information on the 56 indicators of impact.

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