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Researching Students' Information Choices

Researching Students’ Information Choices: Determining Identity and Judging Credibility in Digital Spaces

Project Data

Project data available for reuse at the Qualitative Data Repository:

Cataldo, Tara; Buhler, Amy; Faniel, Ixchel; Connaway, Lynn Silipigni; Valenza, Joyce Kasman; Brannon, Brittany; Putnam, Samuel; Graff, Randy; Elrod, Rachael; Cyr, Christopher; Towler, Christine; Hood, Erin; Fowler, Robin; Howland, Summer; Langer, Kailey; Kirlew, Shakiyl. 2023. "Researching Students’ Information Choices (RSIC): Determining Identity and Judging Credibility in Digital Spaces". Qualitative Data Repository. QDR Main Collection. V1

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