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World War II: Seeking for Lost Sons: Airmen Go Missing

Correspondence between mothers of a missing in action WWII crew.

Extracts from the Letters

"Having received the names and addresses of the fellows who were on the plane with my son (Lt. Lawrence J. Dopp) I am taking the privilege of writing you. In the hope you may have received some news other than what we received from the War Dept." - Mrs. Stella D. Balsley (January 3rd, 1945)

"I'm just tense from morning until night looking and listening and each night more disappointed, although I still have plenty of hopes." - Mrs. Short (May 11th, 1945)

"Please don't give up hope dear Mrs. Smith, no one knows any better than I do, how hard it is - but, we just must be brave and be good soldiers, as our dear ones would want us to be and God will see us through - he won't send us burdens too heavy for us to bear." - Mrs. Van Dien (June 25, 1945)

War Medals Come Home

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