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BIBFRAME Basics @ UF: Use Cases

Use Cases

Example Use Cases for BIBFRAME at the University of Florida


Integrate library catalog with VIVO 

Story:  Bailey is a faculty member who is beginning a new area of research.  Bailey wants to find literature and research data in her new area, as well as make connections with other researchers.

Scenario:  Bailey uses the combined library catalog, research databases, and VIVO to explore her new area of research (in-depth), find mentors, and find collaborators.

Story:  Jamie is a librarian who wants to make sure that Smathers Libraries patrons have access to faculty publications.  

Scenario:  Jamie uses VIVO and ORCID IDs in the library catalog to query these databases, and obtain a list of faculty publications.  Jamie uses the structured publication data to query the library catalog, the consortium catalog, and our research databases to find areas for collection development.


Encourage browsing

Story:  Nickie is an undergraduate doing research on the Haitian Revolution.  Nickie wants to find resources to support this work.

Scenario:  Nickie finds a book about Haitian history in the library catalog, and uses linked subject terms to discover that the library has digitized historic maps from the period of the Revolution. 


Facilitate Searching

Story:  Penny is doing research with Baldwin Library materials and wants to find all of the copies of Pilgrim's Progress that have been digitized in UFDC.

Scenario:  Penny can query the catalog for all editions of Pilgrim's Progress with links to UFDC.


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