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BIBFRAME Basics @ UF: Pilot Project


This is a space for discussing and brainstorming a BIBFRAME Pilot Project


Our goals and interests, as discussed at the 21 July 2015 Working Group meeting:


  • Learn more about the BIBFRAME model and vocabulary
  • Understand how BIBFRAME relates to other library standards
  • Develop skills working with Linked Data and related technologies


  • Experiment with "copy" and "original" description in a Linked Data environment
  • Consume external data sets, merge with, and enhance catalog data
  • Understand the distribution of cataloging labor in a BIBFRAME environment


  • Create customized, front-end "mini catalogs" for specific purposes
  • Highlight specific collections and/or materials through targeted projects
  • Provide new "access points"
  • Link to digitized materials

More goals?  List 'em!



Reasons to include certain materials and/or collections in a pilot project, as discussed at the 21 July 2015 Working Group meeting:

  • Materials already included in another grant project, "more bang for our bucks"
  • Materials we are uniquely situated to provide access to (special collections, local expertise)
  • Choose a critical mass of materials, enough to elicit patterns
  • OR focus on one item at a time, and exploit all of its potential
  • Choose a genre where the BIBFRAME vocabulary is well-developed
  • OR choose a genre where the BIBFRAME vocabulary is under-developed, and recommend extensions
  • Something popular with the students
  • Materials likely to have a lot of relationships
  • Materials for which external Linked Data sets are relevant
  • Crowdsourcing opportunities
  • Cuba!

Other reasons?  List 'em!

  • Test foreign languages and characters


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