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Sustainability in the UF Libraries: Sustainability @ Home

All about sustainability initiatives in the libraries

Sustainability at Home


  • Watch your utility bills 
    • Read up on sustainable temperatures and find a setting that works for you 
    • Unplug electronics when they are not in use to reduce vampire electricity 
  • Add some nature your office 
    • Grow an easy plant or plant a vegetable garden 
    • Windows to the outside 
    • Embrace natural light 
    • When doing yardwork, consider composting or mulching grass clippings and other yard waste to keep your yard and garden healthy 
  • Support mindful purchasing 
    • Unplastic Life in Gainesville offers sustainable office supplies (plus lots of great sustainable stuff in bulk! Plus they do pick-up orders!) 
    • Working Food is doing a drive-through farmer’s market with no-commitment CSAs 
  • Add some exercise to your workday 
    • Take a walk outside in nature 
    • Try to identify native birds and plants  
  • Eat a greener lunch 
    • Cook bulk and then fridge or freeze to save 
    • Ask for no additional utensils or condiments in your takeout/delivery orders 

Click link below to check out the Green Team's most recent Newsletter

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