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Latin American & Caribbean Special Collections: Latin American Archival Collections

This libguide includes archival collections related to Latin America and the Caribbean. It also includes information on rare books and digital collections. It is organized by region. The material listed here can be consulted in Special Collections.

Central America

Carpenter, Leonard: Panama Canal Collection. 1887-1973. Photographs, publications, artifacts, and documents related to construction of the Panamal Canal.

Brooking, Laura Mabel: Collection. 1906-1969. Photos, publications, and artifacts related to the Panama Canal Zone primarily during the time of its construction.

Brown, Everett, C.: Collection. 1919-1921. Brown was an engineer and surveyor for the United Fruit Company and worked in Cuba and Costa Rica.

Freytag, Ferdy W.: Letters. 1924-1926. This collection consists mainly of letters sent from Ferdy W. Freytag, a military airplane mechanic stationed in the Panama Canal Zone between 1924 and 1926, to his love, Beryl Burton, a college student and teacher residing in Redfield, New York. While the content of the letters mostly regards love and other personal matters, interesting details regarding the lives of military men stationed in the Canal Zone during the 1920s is also included.

Craven, Roy C.: Photograph Collection. 1970s. Photographs pertaining to Mayan and Incan antiquities; part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

The Richmond Brown Research Collection on the Aycinena family of Guatemala and Central America. The materials include manuscript transcriptions, research notes, articles, conference papers, photos, maps, electronic files, thesis, and dissertations. Most of the materials consist of the research he conducted on the Aycinena family of Guatemala.

South America

Catechisms and Sermons by Jesuit Priests in Bolivia. 1649. In Spanish and Aymara languages.

Crosby, Platt Hiram: Papers. 1821-1869. Correspondence, writings, and other materials created by Platt Hiram Crosby while living in Peru, primarily pertaining to Peruvian and South American history.

Angrick II, William P.: Collection of Latin American and Caribbean Stereographs. 1860, circa 1890-1910. Collection of 18 stereograph images showing scenes and views from South American countries, Cuba, Jamaica, and Florida.

Bartleman, Richard M.: Papers. 1890-1893. Memoirs, correspondence, and clippings of a diplomat stationed in Venezuela.

Crist, Raymond E.: Papers. 1929-1970. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

The Puno- Tambopata Program Collection. 1955-1960. The collection contains reports, work plans, and research on the Puno-Tambopata Program (PPT) for Peru's Ministry of Labor and Indigenous Affairs. 

David L. Niddrie Papers. 1946-1965. Reports, letters, manuscripts, and proposals associated with the development, meteorology, reconstruction, and demography of Barbados, Castries (Capital of St. Lucia), Haiti, Tobago, and the Falkland Islands or Islas Malvinas.

Larry Crook Collection on Brazilian Folklore. 1985-2001. Brazilian folklore, music, carnivals, and the Yoruba religion. The majority of the materials consist of newsletters and newspapers.

The Marianne Schmink Papers. 1970-2020. The materials include personal and project documents, correspondence, photographs, slides, negative films, magazines, newspapers and clippings, newsletters, postcards, maps, audiovisual and digital materials. The collection focuses in the Amazon region and topics related to the environment, natural resource management, gender studies, women in development, tropical conservation, and anthropology.

Jane Malinoff-Kamide Collection on Afro-Brazil. 1924-2023. Collection on Afro-Brazilian literary history.

Latin American & Caribbean Miscellanea

The Latin American and Caribbean small collections are comprised of a variety of materials highlighting the history, culture, and study of Latin America and the Caribbean. These materials have been acquired from various sources over a period of many years, and are grouped together because each acquisition consists of a small number of items (e.g., a single letter, manuscript, or photograph album).

Caribbean Documents Collection. Covers all Caribbean islands excluding Cuba and Haiti.

Latin American Documents Collection. Covers Mexico, Central, and South America.

Latin American and Caribbean Poster Collection. 1953-2013. 174 posters published by the Organization of Solidarity of the Peoples of Asia, Africa, and Latin America (OSPAAAL), different academic departments of the University of Florida, and posters from different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean


García Pimentel, Luis: Collection. 1531-1927. Documents from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries that chronicle the development, management, and activities of several sugar plantations in Mexico located in the states of Morelos and Puebla. The bulk of the collection centers in the Haciendas of Santa Ana Tenango and Santa Clara Montefalco, both in the state of Morelos

Barcena, Mariano. 1895. Manuscript written by Mariano Barcena entitled El Hombre Prehistorico en Mexico (Prehistoric Man in Mexico).

Elmendorf, Mary Lindsay: Papers. 1931-2009. Papers of applied anthropologist who studied the role of women in a Mayan village and has been a leader in the involvement of women in water supply and sanitation and other forms of appropriate technology.

Casasola, Agustín Víctor: Photos of the Mexican Revolution. circa 1914. Two photos embossed with the seal of the renowned photographic studio of Agustín Víctor Casasola. Through his photos, Casasola documented the Mexican Revolution

Photographs of the Seventy-Years Celebration. 2018. A collection of twenty-seven photographs of the commemoration of the school "Secundaria 15 Albert Einstein" and its founding. These schools, founded by Jews across throughout the 20th century, were a significant contribution to Mexico and its public education.

Mexico Documents Collection. 1935-1962. The collection contains maps and brochures to promote tourism in Mexico from Barbachano's Travel Service, Dirección General de Turismo, Yucatan Trails Travel Agency, Mexicana Airlines, Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX), and National Railways of Mexico. The majority of the brochures are from PEMEX.

United States Invasion of Veracruz, Mexico Photo Postcard Collection. 1914. Archive of 139 postcards containing photographs of the landing of the U.S. Marines and Soldiers on April 21, 1914 in Veracruz, Mexico and the ensuing combat, deaths, damages, and invasion. 


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