Children's and Young Adult Literature

A guide to help you navigate resources for children's and young adult literature.

Helpful Websites

Searching for Inclusive Children's and Young Adult Literature

To search for inclusive children's and young adult literature you can use the search box below or on the Library homepage and follow these steps:


1. Type a keyword into the search box and change the drop down menu to Library Catalog, here is an example using the keyword bilingual:

Search on the libraries homepage

2. Once you are on the results page, you can use the limiters on the left side of the results list to select Education Library under the Library heading and then Education Library - Childrens Books under the Location heading.

Use filters to narrow search results to Education Library and then Childrens Books.

3. Make sure to check that the book is available and write down the call number so that you can locate the book you want in the Education Library's Children's and Young Adult Literature collection.

The first search result for the bilingual search showing where to look if a book is available, the information is located at the bottom of each result.

4. Visit the Education Library's Children's and Young Adult section to locate your book(s). If you have any problems please stop by the service desk just to the left of the front doors for assistance.

Map of the Education Library's first floor; the Children's and Young Adult Collection is located in the back left corner.

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