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The Gainesville Florida Reef: Contributors

A satellite of the worldwide Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef project created by Margaret and Christine Wertheim of the Institute for Figuring in Los Angeles.


Annie Abraham Jody Hewitt
Carrie Alexander (Virginia) Sharon Holder The Oak Hammock Needlers:
Jean Andrews Laura Jones Mary Adams-Smith
Jill Banning Gif Sutheenat Kampa Hikmet Bates
Anita Battiste Sue Kenaston Mary Lou Bradham
Maria Becerra (Colombia) Lyn Keil Sally Glaze
Denise Beaubien Bennett Ellen Knudson Dolores Greene
Carla J. Black (Michigan) Brian Lee Valerie Griffith
Cynthia Bowker Angela Mott Barbara Herbstman
Brenna Braley Giang Pham Marilyn Hutchinson
Katie Buckley Beverly Pope Pat Martin
Ellie Bushhousen Daphne Puerto (Washington, DC) Nonie Pierpoint
Fern Carlson Carla Robinson Joyce Piety
Missy Clapp Melody Royster Pat Reboussin
Penny Davidson Sara Russell Gonzalez Phyllis Saarinen
Katie Dean Isabel Silver June Smith
Alyssa Diekman Jennifer Spears (Arizona) Deanne Taylor
Margaret DiNegro Patricia Moon Tapper Sylvia Weber
Chelsea Dinsmore Michele Thomas Ruth Wolfe
Frances Dinsmore Carol Turner The Sunshine Disciples:
Jane Lewis Dunbar (Michigan) Devin Watson Sharon Aldrich
Jennifer Farrington Amy Werba Nancy Dean
Ms. Fish Pam Williams Gerry Jesk
Carol Forbes (Australia) Kelsey Wright (North Carolina) Pat Salvatore
Ana Glass Dana Yancoskie
Betty Grogan Jessica York
Barbara Herbstman Barbara Zory

In Memory

Dedicated to the memory of Deborah Herbstman of the Marston Science Library for her early support of the reef project.

Financial support

Contributions may be made to the UFF/Marston Science Library Exhibit Fund (F016917).

Please contact us for details.

Material support

Rich Bennett - construction

Marjorie Coffey - yarn

Pamela Dubyak - yarn

Barbara Herbstman

Michael Howell - construction

John Ingram - yarn

Lee P. Jones - yarn

Alison Kwiatkowski - yarn

Michelle Leonard - construction

Charlotte M. Porter - yarn

Judy Russell

Rachel Schipper - yarn, jellyfish

Donna Wrublewski - stuffing

Beth Zavoyski - stuffing

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