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Prepare Your Metadata for dLOC and UFDC: Examples

To introduce to data contributors the frequently used fields by University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC)

Recent Examples

Florida Blue Key Events Photos, 2020 January Batch

An example of archival event photos starting with scarce metadata. 

Florida Blue Key was founded by Bert C. Riley, Dean of the General Extension Division, at the University of Florida in 1923. Originally formed as a group to organize the annual Dad's Day and Homecoming, the group evolved into a student leadership organization. However, Florida Blue Key continues to oversee and run most of the functions and events associated with Homecoming at the University of Florida. These include Gator Growl, the Homecoming Parade, and the Florida Blue Key Homecoming Banquet, which for many years attracted state and national political figures.

Metadata Guideline    UFDC records


Samuel Proctor Oral History Program Oral History (SPOHP) Materials

On-going efforts to prepare rich and consistent metadata across all oral history projects. 

The guideline below is a live document where SPOHP constantly adjust to meet new needs.

Metadata Guideline    UFDC records

SPOHP flyer

Samuel Proctor Oral History Program (SPOHP) Flyers and Posters

An example of linking to existing related oral history interviews.

Supporting materials for oral history Interviews and the program events. 

Besides the guideline on the first page, we also provide here the actual data and discussion around Subjects. 

Metadata Guideline    UFDC records


Virtual Reality in Institution Repository

An example of capturing emerging new content and file specs with available fields. 

As virtual reality (VR) technology has become more accessible, members of the University of Florida community have used VR as a tool for learning in several disciplines. This collection includes VR experiences created at UF by students, faculty, and staff for a variety of fields

Metadata Guideline    UFDC records


Minna R. Fernald Collection of Paintings of Florida Wildflowers

An example of large format scanning projects where the original metadata was collected by DSS scanning technician and then organized by student assistants. This is also an example of visual materials. 

Artist Minna Fernald donated over 320 paintings of Florida wildflowers to the university in 1942, providing a rich record of the state’s past native flora. The original works are found in the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Metadata Guideline    UFDC records

Older Examples

Bob Campbell photograph of a gorilla examining a gloved hand, Rwanda 1972

Bob Cambell Papers, Photograph slides 

Bob Campbell is best known for his success encouraging and filming the first peaceful close encounters between a human and mountain gorillas, as part of Dian Fossey's conservation and primatology field research at the Karisoke Research Center in Rwanda, Central Africa. This digital collection is a selection of 1,478 images from about 14,000 35mm transparencies

Metadata Guideline    UFDC records

Photograph of Melleagris gallopavo eggs, taken 1899 July 16

Charles “Chas” E. Doe Collection, Field Notes and Catalog Cards

Field notes and Catalog Cards donated by Charles Doe, the first Ornithology Curator for the Florida Museum of Natural History.   

Metadata Guideline    UFDC records

¡¡¡Mátenme porque me muero!!!

Mexican and Cuban film posters donated in honor of Efraín Barradas

Metadata Guideline    UFDC records


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