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ENC 3246: Professional Communication for Engineers

This guide provides you with information sources for the various assignments in Professional Communication for Engineers course.

Scholarly, Trade & Popular Articles

The peer-reviewed article is highly technical and contains numerous references while the trade journal and popular magazine articles contain pictures and few if no references.  The table below provides examples to illustrate the differences between articles in peer-reviewed journals, trade journals, and popular magazines.

  Scholarly Journal Trade Journal Popular Magazine
Title of Article High-performance single-input three-output DC–DC high gain converter for fuel cell-based electric vehicles  EV Charging, No Strings Attached  Moving Right Along 
Title of Publication Electrical Engineering  Electrical Connection  The New Yorker 
Sample Cover Sample Cover_Electrical Connection Sample Cover_New Yorker
Sample First Page Sample First Page Electrical Engineering Sample Frist Page Electrical Connection Sample First Page The New Yorker
Peer-Reviewed Yes No No
Stated Purpose of Publication "The journal Electrical Engineering publishes original papers of archival value in electrical engineering with a strong focus on electric power systems, smart grid approaches to power transmission and distribution, power system planning, operation and control, electricity markets, renewable power generation, microgrids, power electronics, electrical machines and drives, electric vehicles, railway electrification systems and electric transportation infrastructures, energy storage in electric power systems and vehicles, high voltage engineering, electromagnetic transients in power networks, lightning protection, electrical safety, electrical insulation systems, apparatus, devices, and components.”   “Electrical Connection maintains its position as the leading independent trade publication for electrical and communications professionals. For over 20 years, the magazine has been the primary source of technical content for the industry – developing targeted content to help industry grow, to educate and to interpret the changing regulatory and technological environment.”  The New Yorker is considered by many to be the most influential magazine in the world, renowned for its in-depth reporting, political and cultural commentary, fiction, poetry, and humor. The New Yorker stands apart for its commitment to truth and accuracy, for the quality of its prose, and for its insistence on exciting and moving every reader."
Audience Scholars who research in the areas of electrical engineering People who work in the electrical engineering business  The general public 
Authors Researchers, generally not paid  Paid staff and vendor representatives in the field  Paid journalists, staff, and freelance writers
Editors Journal editors and peer reviewers  Staff editors   Staff editors 

Works Cited/References

Always included  Sometimes a few references included  Rarely 
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