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German Studies

Off-Campus? Then Don't Forget These Steps (And Great Tips In General)

  1. Set up the UF VPN: When you're off campus, you will need to use the UF VPN software to access electronic databases, journals and books.
  2. Use a Proxy Server: This option is great if you are only doing a fast search.
  3. Search the library catalog for books or journal titles: Links to online books and journals are also contained within the catalog.
  4. Search subject databases to find articles in journals: If you are trying to decide which database is appropriate for your research, look at the list of databases listed on the Databases and Journals Tab.

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Main Databases at UF for German Studies

Provides Full-Text Academic Journals Covering the Major Areas of Academic Research.

ANNO ist der virtuelle Zeitungslesesaal der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek.
Hier kann in historischen österreichischen Zeitungen und Zeitschriften online geblättert und gelesen werden. 

BDSL-Online provides an internet version of an International Bibliography of German Literature and Literary Literary studies. The site currently includes titles published from 1985-2005, approx. 280,000 in total. Maintained by the Universitätsbibliothek Frankfurt am Main. Access to content published through 12/31/2020.

The database offers: Approx. 750 daily reports of the Gestapo Headquarter in Vienna (about 80 reports are considered to be lost). Totalling approx. 6.000 digitized pages. Information about more then 17.000 men and women arrested or observed by the Gestapo or observed by the Gestapo.

This database is the world’s most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses from around the world, spanning from 1743 to the present day and offering full text for graduate works added since 1997, along with selected full text for works written prior to 1997.

This database gives access to the dissertations and theses produced by students at UF.

Europeana is a search platform to a collection of European digital libraries with digitized paintings, books, sounds, music, films, archives, and much more.

Full text for more than 1,500 journals. Indexing and abstracts for more than 3,000 journals. This database offers worldwide content pertaining to literary, scholarly and creative thought.

JSTOR provides full-text searches of digitized back issues of several hundred well-known journals.

The Critical Dictionary of contemporary German literature (KLG) is one of the most important literary encyclopedias in German language. It is an applied in loose-leaf reference book that provides information about women writers and writers of contemporary German literature.

It abstracts and indexes the international literature in linguistics and related disciplines in the language sciences.

It provides comprehensive coverage of literary criticism for literature worldwide.

It offers full-text versions of scholarly journals (humanities and social science) with over 120 publishers currently participating.

It searches for books or articles all over the world. If UF does not own it, you can request it through ILLIAD.

Other Relevant Databases and Websites

"Browse through our Collection of hundreds of historical documents, images, and multimedia sources, or check out our Interactive Maps. You can follow our links to Activist organizations and also enjoy creative projects and reporting in Videos. Whether you’re a teacher looking for material for a lesson, a researcher looking for new perspectives, an artist looking for inspiration, or someone just looking to learn more about Central Europe’s connection to the Black Diaspora, you’re welcome here."

German national archives. Lots of digitized material available.

The Deutsche Nationalbibliothek accepts digital versions of dissertations and makes them freely available on the Internet. Use DART Europe E-Theses Portal to search other European collections.

From Erlangen.

Internet research tools for German studies.

Es ist 'das' Fachportal zur Germanistik. Es bietet neben dem Zugang zur Bibliographie der deutschen Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft einen Metakatalog, der zunächst die Bestände des Deutschen Literaturarchivs Marbach und der UB Frankfurt/M. erschließt, aber erweitert werden soll. Hinzu kommen Fachinformationen und ein Linkkatalog. Die 'Erlanger Liste' gehört zu den Initiatoren des Projekts und weist deshalb sehr gerne auf diese Errungenschaft hin.

Transcriptions or translations of primary source documents. Some image collections included.


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