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Library Research Button

The Library Research Button allows LibGuides to be embedded in a Canvas course. The default LibGuide is the Introduction to Library Research Guide. Librarians can enable subject and course LibGuides to replace the default option. Instructors, instructional designers, or embedded librarians can add the Library Research Button to a course.

Enable LibGuide for Canvas

To enable your LibGuide to be embedded in Canvas, first take the following steps:

1. Click the Guide Information  button

2. Select Guide Metadata from the dropdown menu

3. Click the Custom Metadata tab

4. Click the Name field and type default

5. You have three (3) options in the Value field to enable access to your guides:

i. Type the course code with no spaces (ex. ENC3246 or CLP7934). This will map your guide to all courses beginning with that alphanumeric course code.

ii. Type the full title of the course as it appears in Canvas (ex. ENC3246: Professional Communication for Engineers, Spring 2018 or CLP7934: Neuropsychology of Aging, Summer A/C 2018). This will ensure that the specific section of the course is mapped to your guide.

iii. Type the three letter code used by courses in your area (ex. ENC or CLP). This will map your guide to all courses beginning with that three letter code (Note: please do not use this option without confirming with the Information Literacy Committee first. Email us at‚Äč)

6. Check the box in the Public? field

7. If done properly, the corresponding course in Canvas should connect to your guide (ex. the ENC 3246 LibGuide connecting to the ENC 3246 Canvas course):

Screenshot of Canvas page with LibGuide in the frame

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