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Library Instruction and Statistics

Support and Resources for Library Instructors

Teach Online


Instruction sessions can be conducted using Zoom. Zoom will allow you to share your screen, use a whiteboard, and interact with students. It also allows for closed captioning. Here’s info on Getting started with Zoom, including Zoom Video Tutorials

You can also use Google Meet. UF now has access to the Google Suite. 

Tools for engagement:

Teaching Synchronous Zoom Classes from CITT


To provide a pre-recorded presentation you can:

Check out this helpful video from CITT on pre-recording lectures. 

Other options

Instruction does not have to be a live or recorded instruction session. Consider alternative options:

  • Create handouts with links using Google Docs (consider allowing comments)
  • Embedding in Canvas (see below)
  • Virtual office hours for specific courses

Embedding in Canvas

Instructors can turn on LibGuides in Canvas. It’s a good time to review LibGuides and ensure they are accessible and up to date. 

Librarians can also be added to a course using the librarian role. Librarians can access course materials, add course content  (e.g. tutorials, tools, Information Literacy modules, participate in discussion boards and communicate with students.

Accessibility, Security and Privacy

I encourage you to consider accessibility and privacy when using online tools to provide online instruction. Please provide closed-captions and transcripts when possible. 

Keep your Zoom secure

Introduction to Library Research

The introduction to library research LibGuide is designed like a tutorial that covers the basics of developing topics, finding background information, finding articles, evaluating sources, and citing sources.


Teaching resources for faculty

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