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Hello and Welcome to the Linguistics Subject Guide

So you probably want to get started on your assignments and need to find a book, or maybe an article in a journal or magazine or newspaper, right?

Here's how to start:

  • Are you on-campus, or off-campus? Off campus, you will need to first use one of two methods to log in. I recommend the VPN (Option #2) for most users.

  • Search the Library Catalog for books or journal titles: Links to online books and journals and streaming video are also contained within the catalog.

  • Search subject databases to find articles in journals: If you are trying to decide which database is appropriate for Linguistics, look at the list of databases listed above on the Find Linguistics Articles Tab. Use OneSearch if you want to do a quick survey of your subject in a very large database of databases. Try it - type in a few words that describe your topic and go!


Managing your Research Materials

Your class assignment requires a list of references, or your published article includes a substantial bibliography. Or perhaps you simply do a lot of reading and you want to save references to the good sources you have found for future use or study. Their are some great tools to help you manage your research and we can help you find the right one and learn how to use it.

EndNote Basic

Linguistics in the News

Covid-19 in the News

Pandemic Inspires More Than 1,200 New German Words:

OED Blog posts: (Thanks to Paulina Kalantarov for gathering this news!)

Social change and linguistic change: the language of Covid-19:

Corpus analysis of the language of Covid-19:

The Guardian newspaper article: "Oxford dictionary revised to record linguistic impact of Covid-19"

Library West

Library News: new resource

Discover DARE

The Dictionary of American Regional English is the place to go to find the full panoply of American regional words, phrases, and pronunciations. Some of you may have used the printed version of this great resource. The online version is even richer, with access to the original survey that is the basis for this linguistic tool. The University of Florida has recently obtained the license to use the online version - please take a a look and enjoy!


University of Florida Home Page

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