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Oral History @ UF

This library guide provides information on oral history resources at the George A. Smathers Libraries and online.

SPOHP Digital Archive 

The SPOHP Digital Archive on UF Digital Collections includes over 3,600 oral histories. This archive is one of the largest oral history collections in the South and one of the top collections in the US. Major archive holdings include: 

  • Native American oral histories from the Seminole, Cherokee, and Creek nations 

  • African American oral histories from Florida and the Southeastern US 

  • University of Florida oral histories

The SPOHP Digital Archive contains interview recordings and transcriptions, though both types of materials are not available for every interview in the Archive. Interview transcripts are text searchable. 

Copyright Notice:

Rights management: Interviewee and the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program, on behalf of the Board of Trustees of the University of Florida. The SPOHP archive is available for non-commercial use by researchers and scholars, students, journalists, genealogists, and other interested groups. Documents may be accessed through this digital collection, as well as the archive in Pugh Hall.

When using any content, please make sure to properly reference and comply with the Copyright Notice above. SPOHP encourages all researchers to conform to the Principles and Best Practices outlined by the Oral History Association.

See the Citing Oral Histories tab for information on SPOHP's citation guidelines. 

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