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Below is a list of journals of interest to those studying philosophy.

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Call nos

Agriculture and Human Values S1 .A371   Sci. Library, per
Aitia B1.A43
American Philosophical Quarterly B1 .A6
Analysis B1 .A11; 105;A532 (: v.1:no.(1933:Nov.)-v.29:no.131(1969:Apr.) in Storage)
Ancient Philosophy B1.A535
Apeiron B1 .A6

Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie

B3 .A69; 105;A673 (up to 1970 in Storage)
Auslegung B1.A78
Australasian Journal of Philosophy B1 .A8; 105;A938 (1923-1979) in Storage
Bibliographie de la Philosophie Z7127.B5
Bioethics QH 332 .B56
Biology and Philosophy Science Library QH331 .B47   
British journal for the philosophy of science Q175 .B787 (Science Periodicals)
British Journal of Aesthetics BH1.B7; 105 B8624 (v.1(1960:Nov.)-v.7(1967)in Storage)
Canadian Journal of Philosophy B1.C36
Canadian Philosophical Reviews B1;.C365
Carmina Philosophiae B659.Z7A13
Continental Philosophy Review* 105 M266 (v.31:no.1(1998:Jan.)-v.36:no.3(2003:July)
Dialectica B1 .A15
Dialogue B1 .D5
Economics and Philosophy HB1 .E526   
Erkenntnis* 105J863
Ethics; An International Journal of Social Political and Legal Philosophy BJ1 .I6
Explorations in Knowledge B67.E96
Francis Bulletin Signaletique Z1011.B936;SEC.519
Hegel-Studien B2900.H43, B2900;.H432
History of Philosophy Quarterly: HPQ B61;.H57
Humanist B821.A1 H8; 144.05H918 (1941-1979) in storage
Hume Studies B1450;.H8
Idealistic Studies B823 .I33; 141.05;I19 (1971-1979) in Storage
International Directory of Philosophy and Philosophers B35.I55
International Journal For Philosophy of Religion* 200.5 I612
International Journal of Applied Philosophy BJ 1.A66
International Journal of Ethics Vols. 1-48 (Issue 2), 1890-1938  
International Philosophical Bibliography Z7127.R42
International Philosophical Quarterly B1. I2; 105. I12 (1961-1982) in Storage
International studies in philosophy B1 .A255
  Journal for General Philosophy of Science Science Library Q3 .Z32   
JBSP; The Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology B829.5 .B69;142.705B862J (v.1(1970)-v.10(1979) in Storage
Journal for General Philosophy of Science Q3.Z32
Journal of Indian Philosophy* 181.405 J86  in Storage
Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Ethics BJ52.5.J68
Journal of Applied Philosophy B1;.J59
Journal of Near-Death Studies  
Journal of Philosophical Logic* 160.5;J864 in Storage
Journal of Philosophical Research: JPR B1.P575
Journal of Philosophy B1.J6; 105;J86 (1921-1955) in Storage
Journal of Philosophy, Psychology, and Scientific Methods (1904-1920)  
Journal of Social Philosophy H1.J565; 300.5.J864 (v.1(1970)-v.8(1977)) in Storage
Journal of Speculative Philosophy B1 .J7
Journal of the History of Philosophy B1 .A214
Journal of Symbolic Logic   Science Library, BC 1 .J6
Journal of the History of Ideas* B1.J75;  051.J86 (1940-1999)
Journal of Value Inquiry BD 232;.J68
Kant-Studien; Philosophische Zeitschrift 193K16YKA
Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal QH332.K46
Law and Philosophy Legal Information Center P L41524   
Linguistics and Philosophy P L41524   
Man and World 105M266 (1971-1997) in Storage
Medicine, Health Care & Philosophy  
Medieval Philosophy & Theology B721 .M454   
Metaphilosophy B1 .M46
Midwest Studies in Philosophy Call no varies
Mind & Language P37.M55
Mind B1.M65; 105.5M663 (v.1(1876)-v.3(1878),
new ser.: v.39(1930)-new ser.: v.100(1991)) in Storage
Modern Schoolman B1 .M675; 105M689 (1925-1979) in Storage
Monist B1 .M7; 105;M744; 105 M744 (1890-1979) in Storage
Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy B63.N49
Nietzsche-Studien B3310.N63
Noûs B1.N62
The Owl of Minerva : biannual journal of the Hegel Society of
B2900 .094
Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy B111.093
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly AP2. P46
Perspectives on science : historical, philosophical, social Q124.6.P37 Marston Science Library
Philosophia B1.P457
Philosophical Books Z7127 .P48; 108.22;P568 (v.1(1960)-v.18(1977)) in Storage
Philosophical Forum B1 .P475
Philosophical Investigations B1.P477
Philosophical Perspectives B1 .P485
Philosophical Psychology BF 1.P47
Philosophical Quarterly* B1 .P49; 105 P5686 (v.30)
Philosophical Review B1 .P5; 105 P568 (v.60 (1951) v.64 (1955) v.66(1957) v.73 (1964)) in Storage
Philosophical Studies* 107 P5686
Philosophical Topics B1 .S58
Philosophische Rundschau B3 .P67
Philosophy: the journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy B1 .P55; 105 P5685 (v.6:no.22(1931:Apr.)-v.39(1964) in Storage
Philosophy and Public Affairs   H1 .P54; 301.05 P568 (v.1:no.2(1971)-v.23(1994) in Storage
Philosophy & Social Criticism AS 30.C84
Philosophy & Literature PN2.P5
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research B1 .P57; 105 P5682 (v.43 (1982/83) 
v.44 (1983/84) v.51 (1991)  v.13 (Sept.1952-Je.1953)) in Storage
Philosophy East & West B1 .P573; 105P5688 (v.1(1951)-v.19(1969)) in Storage
Philosophy Now: A Magazine of Philosophy B1.P5
Philosophy of Science Q1.P55
Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology RC437.5 .P438   
Philosophy Today B1 .P576
Philosophy; the journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy B1 .P55; 105 P5685 (v.6:no.22(1931:Apr.)-v.39(1964)) in Storage
Phronesis B1 .P59
Proceedings and addresses of the American Philosophical Association B11 .A52 ; 106;A5112P (1955-58) in Storage
Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 106 A717
Process Studies BD372.P75
Ratio B1 .R27
Research in Phenomenology B829.5 .R47
Review of Metaphysics B1 .R34; 110.5R454 (v.1(1947)-v.30(1977)) in Storage
Revue de Metaphysique et de Morale B2 .R2; 105R454 (v.1(1893)-v.74(1969)) in Storage
Revue Internationale de Philosophie B1 .A24; 105;R4542 (v.1:no 1(1938)-v.17:no 63(1963), v.17:no 65(1963)-v.26(1972)) in Storage
Revue Philosophique de Louvain B2 .R42; 105R4547 (Serie 3: v..44(1946)-Serie 3: v..68(1970)) in Storage
Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement Call no varies.
Russell B1649.R94 A17
Science, Technology & Human Values BJ 57.S3336
Social Epistemology BD175;.S62
Southern Journal of Philosophy B1.S57
Studia Leibnitiana B2550 .S8
Studia Logica 160.5;S933
Studies in Philosophy and Education Education Library 105 S933   
Studies in Philosophy and the History of Philosophy B21 .S78
Synthese AP1 .S9, Sci Library   
Teaching Philosophy B52.T37
Telos H1 .T44; 105T277 (v.1(1969:spring)
v.13(1973)-v.38(1979)) in Storage
Theoretical Medicine and Bioethcs  
Theoria B1 .A27; 105 T396 (v.3:pt.1(1937)-v.7:pt.2(1941)
v.8(1942)-v.34(1968)) in Storage
Theory and Decision 300.5 T396
Thomist BX801 .T5 ; 189.405T465 (v.1(1939)-v.38(1974)) in Storage
Topoi B1.T66
Transactions of the Charles S. Pierce Society B 945.P44;047
Year book - The American Philosophical Society Q11.P613

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