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Digital Exhibit - Afrofuturism: Creativity of the Black Mind

A person in a space suit walking over terrain

Physical Exhibit - Afrofuturism: Creativity of the Black Mind

LIBRARY WEST: JANUARY 26, 2023 - MARCH 29, 2024

Afrofuturism has grown in popularity in recent years and is present in every sector of popular culture. The literary and artistic style reimagines the past or creates an enhanced present and future through an Afrocentric lens. Pioneered by Black authors, artists, and musicians, Afrofuturism manifests fantastical worlds that Black people have historically been excluded from. Often directed toward a Black audience, the genre establishes a sense of solidarity and inspiration. Curated by Antonette Jones. 

An artistic rendition of Star Trek's Spock using a phaser on a three-headed snake

Physical Exhibit - What is Science Fiction? 


With the world changing so rapidly and people's imaginations growing along with it, science fiction is the perfect outlet for re-examining the past, experiencing the present through an augmented lens, and expressing future possibilities. Curated by Barrett Uhler, CJ Gott, and Brad Curry.

Past Exhibits

2022-2023 exhibit at Marston Science Library: "Transcend: Beyond the Gender Binary": 

Campus Reform article about "Transcend: Beyond the Gender Binary" exhibit at Marston Science Library. 

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