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Library Liaisons Toolkit: OJS (Open Journal Systems)

Resources to help UF Libraries liaisons in their instruction and outreach

What is OJS?

As part of the commitment to increasing open access to research, the UF Libraries are using Open Journal Systems (OJS) within the statewide implementation of Florida Online Journals (Florida OJ) to provide online hosting for academic journals for UF faculty. The OJS system has a highly configurable system for editorial workflows with features including:


  • Online author submission
  • Blind, double-blind, or open peer-review processes
  • Online management of copyediting, layout, and proofreading
  • Delegation of editorial responsibilities according to journal sections
  • Management of publication schedule and ongoing journal archiving
  • Customizable presentation features
  • Multilingual interface supporting 10 languages
  • Support for a variety of reader tools, such as RSS feeds and share buttons

See more on the technical features on the OJS website and the OJS brochure, and the checklist for Library Liaisons.

How to Launch a Journal on OJS

To request a journal using OJS through the UF Libraries as hosted within Florida OJ, UF faculty, staff or students should contact the Subject Specialist Librarian or Library Liaison with the information below or to schedule a meeting to discuss the new journal. To find your Liaison Librarian, see the list of Liaisons by subject area:

Information for the meeting or to send to your liaison:

1. Name of your journal:
2. Name for the URL for your journal (in the form of[abbreviationornamehere]
3. MOU, in the panel below.

Alternately, please contact Suzanne Stapleton (; 352-273-2666) or Christy Shorey (; 352-273-2831) who are part of the service team and will assist you and your Liaison in this process.

Follow-up & Workflow Process: Once the first issue of the journal is online, the service team workflow includes the steps detailed in the internal documentation.

Florida OJS Documents

The document linked below needs to be completed as part of process for setting up your journal with the open journal system. If you have any questions about the Memorandum of Understanding and the responsibilities outlined therein, please contact the OJS liaisons listed at the right or your departmental library liaison.

For More Background on OJS Publishing

For more information about OJS and how it works, see the OJS website and the University of Pittsburgh provides more explanation at:  

OJS Team: Suzanne Stapleton + Christine Fruin + Christy Shorey

Suzanne Stapleton's picture
Suzanne Stapleton
Agricultural Sciences &
Digital Initiatives Librarian
Office: L-306A, Marston Science Library
Phone: (352) 273-2715

OJS Team: Suzanne Stapleton + Christine Fruin + Christy Shorey + Library Liason

Christy Shorey's picture
Christy Shorey
401 Smathers Library (aka Library East)
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-7004
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