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Library Liaisons Toolkit: IR @ UF

Resources to help UF Libraries liaisons in their instruction and outreach

Handouts and Fliers

Activities to Promote the IR@UF

  • Link to the IR website from every subject guide.  
  • Identify subject materials in the IR, and link to these from your subject guides.
  • Upload your own articles and creative work to the IR@UF (
  • Identify faculty/researcher materials for a permanent home in the IR.  Encourage faculty to submit their research, creative work, data sets, working papers, and course materials. 
  • Include links to the IR in your messages to faculty. 
  • Deliver IR brochures to your faculty mailboxes.
  • Identify faculty who are soon to retire and request a meeting with them to discuss the advantages of preserving their work in the IR.  
  • Invite the IR Manager to speak to your departments, centers and institutes about including their works in the IR.

Institutional Repository (IR@UF)

For additional information about the Institutional Repository (IR@UF), see the IR@UF guide.

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