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Institutional Repository at the University of Florida IR@UF: Self-submittal tool

Learn about the free and open online archive of the IR@UF.

What can I upload?

What can I upload into the IR@UF?

Scholarly works, such as journal articles, conference papers, technical reports, book chapters, and white papers, for which you hold copyright or you have retained the right to share the work in an institutional repository, may be deposited into the IR@UF.

But I published my work - how do I know if I hold the copyright?

You are the copyright holder for your works if you have not assigned or transferred your rights to another person or entity, such as a publisher or agency. However, it is possible that if you did transfer or assign your rights to another, you may have retained the right to share your work in its final form or in an earlier version in an institutional repository.

How do I check whether I transferred my copyright away?

If you kept a copy of your publication agreement, refer to its text to determine what rights you retained. If you have not retained this agreement, you may be able to determine what rights are retained by you as author by looking up the journal in SHERPA/RoMEO (


  1. Using the default settings, in the Search box, type in the name of the journal that published your article and then press ENTER or click the Search button.
  2. The results page describes the archiving or deposit rights that the publisher's typical agreements permit authors retain to in the various versions of their work.
  3. Please note any restrictions, such as embargoes, and be sure to honor those restrictions.

The Scholarly Communication Librarian is available to review or interpret language in your publication agreements or on SHERPA/RoMEO.

Self Submittal Video Tutorial


The IR@UF self-submittal tool was created in 2009 to offer members of the University of Florida community the opportunity to upload, disseminate, and preserve their own research and scholarly publications in our permanent collection.


  1. Submitters:
    Items may be deposited by faculty and staff of the institution, or their delegated agents, and related researchers.
  2. Copyright:
    1. Digital files submitted to the IR@UF should be free of copyright restrictions. Submission indicates that the creator grants to the IR@UF on behalf of the University of Florida non-exclusive internet distribution rights and the right to archive and preserve the files submitted.
    2. Authors may only submit their own work for archiving, and authors retain full copyright of their submissions.
    3. Items should be submitted after embargo periods have expired.
    4. Authors/depositors are responsible for assuring submittal does not abrogate any applicable copyright restrictions.
    5. Authored texts may be unpublished, or pre-prints, post-prints, or published versions depending on the copyright restrictions of the publisher.
  3. Preservation:
    Items submitted will be retained indefinitely, archived according to current best practice, and digitally archived with the Florida Digital Archive. The IR@UF will try to ensure continued usability and accessibility and will migrate items to new formats as necessary.
  4. Administrative Withdrawal of Submitted Materials:
    Acceptable reasons for administrative removal of materials include: proven copyright violation or plagiarism, legal requirements and proven violations, National Security, or falsified research. Any instances of these will be reviewed according to the University of Florida policies and procedures



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