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What can I upload into the IR@UF?

All scholarly works – including articles (pre-prints, post-prints, or published articles as permitted by the publishing agreement), books, book chapters, conference presentations, data sets, digital research files, and more – are welcome in the IR@UF, as long as you hold copyright or you have retained the right to share the work in an institutional repository.

But I published my work - how do I know if I hold the copyright?

You are the copyright holder for your works if you have not assigned or transferred your rights to another person or entity, such as a publisher or agency. However, it is possible that even if you did transfer or assign your rights, you may have retained the right to share your work in an institutional repository. If you're not sure, please contact the Scholarly Repository Librarian for assistance.

How do I check whether I transferred my copyright?

If you kept a copy of your publication agreement, refer to its text to determine what rights you retained. If you have not retained your agreement, you may be able to determine what rights are retained by you as author by looking up the journal in SHERPA/RoMEO (


  1. Using the default settings, in the Search box, type in the name of the journal that published your article and then press ENTER or click the Search button.
  2. The results page describes the archiving or deposit rights that the publisher's typical agreements permit authors retain to in the various versions of their work.
  3. Please note any restrictions, such as embargoes, and be sure to honor those restrictions.

The Copyright and Open Educational Resources Librarian is available to review or interpret language in your publication agreements or on SHERPA/RoMEO.

Detailed Steps for Submitting an Item to the IR@UF

Logging In

  1. To log into UFDC so you can submit items to the IR@UF, go to
  2. Click or tap the myUFDC Home link in the top right portion of the page, or the orange SUBMIT button.
  3. Log in using your GatorLink username and password.
    • If you do not have a GatorLink username, to begin creating a UFDC account, click or tap the Register now link.

Submitting Materials

  1. Click Start a new item.
  2. Read the terms and conditions of the Grant of Permission. If you would still like to submit your item to the IR@UF, click or tap ACCEPT.
  3. Enter information about your item in the appropriate fields.
    • You are automatically listed as the creator of the item, but you can list additional authors by clicking or tapping the green plus sign to the right of the Creator field.
    • Any field with a plus sign to the right can have multiple entries for that field.
    • When you are done adding information about your item, click or tap the NEXT button.
  4. To add a file or files to your submission, click or tap the Select Files button. After selecting the appropriate file(s), click the Submit button.
    • You don't have to add all the files that you want the item to hold when you are starting the item. You can come back later to edit the item.

Editing Your Submission

  1. If you are not already logged into myUFDC, go to

  2. Click or tap View all my submitted items.

  3. Select the item that you want to edit.

  4. Click or tap the DESCRIPTION tab.

  5. To change or add to the description of your item, click or tap Edit this item or EDIT METADATA.

  6. Edit the metadata for the item as needed. If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact us. When you are finished, click or tap SAVE.

  7. To locate and add a file or files to your item, click or tap MANAGE FILES and then click or tap SELECT FILES.

Editing Your Account Preferences

  1. To set your myUFDC preferences, log in ( Click or tap the Edit my account preferences link.

  2. You can also edit preferences through the myUFDC home tab on the top navigation bar, under Account Preferences.

Self-Submittal Video Tutorial

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