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LGBTQ+ Open Resources

A Guide to Openly Accessible Resources

LGBTQ+ Open Resources

This guide provides a list of online resources that are openly available to our LGBTQ+ communities and allies both on and off campus.  This also serves as a companion guide to our book chapter, "Out and Open: Promoting LGBTQ+ Resources that Defy Censorship," in Censorship is a Drag: LGBTQ Materials and Programming Under Siege in Academic Libraries. (eds. Jordan Rudd and Jason Phillips, forthcoming Fall 2024 via Litwin Books & Library Juice Press). 

Our primary consideration when choosing resources was their ease of access with a simple internet connection. While numerous library guides and online resources we found were freely available, some of the content was often limited to academic institutions and their affiliates, such as faculty, students, and researchers, and therefore, they are not included. 

We have tried our best to categorize this compilation of resources, but we recognize there is an overlap among many of these as they often fall into multiple categories, such as historical, archival, or organizational. This diversity in categorization presents a unique challenge in resource organization, but the intent here is to be as inclusive as possible.

We want to emphasize that this is a curated list of resources and by no means exhaustive. Additionally, the resources listed here are not ranked by perceived importance but are offered alphabetically. The lists and their respective categories are simply suggestions to help folks create new reference guides or add to existing ones they provide for their patrons.

Archives, Organizations, and Resources (Selected)

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