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Systematic & Evidence Synthesis Reviews: Review Types

Basic information on types of "knowledge syntheses"/systematic reviews to help users plan the best review type, team, methods and have a clear sense of the expectations/responsibilities of performing these comprehensive literature review projects.

Types of Literature Reviews

Decision table

Use the table below to identify review types that might be most suitable for your question, purpose, timetable and purpose. Use the bibliography in the next box to read more about the possible matches in order to make an informed choice.

If you... Consider this type
Have a submission/presentation deadline within 4 months Rapid review
Want to explore a new field or a field that you suspect has little published literature Scoping review
Hope to integrate qualitative and quantitative research Mixed methods review
Expect to find enough similar studies to statistically pool results Meta-analysis

Review Ready Reckoner - Assessment Tool

Type Identification Tools

More Review Methodology Resources

Multiple types/purposes:

Scoping reviews

Integrative Reviews 


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Rapid reviews

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