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Systematic & Evidence Synthesis Reviews: Additional Resources

Basic information on types of "knowledge syntheses"/systematic reviews to help users plan the best review type, team, methods and have a clear sense of the expectations/responsibilities of performing these comprehensive literature review projects.

Systematic Review Series Slides

Here you will find the slides from our Systematic Review series classes.  Each set will be uploaded after the class.


Class PPT

Helpful Links

Introduction to Systematic Reviews


Systematic Reviews Guide:

PRISMA Statement (Reporting guideline):

PROSPERO (protocol registration):

SYRCLE (preclinical SR's):

CAMARADES (preclinical SR's):

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews:

Systematic Reviews (journal):

Covidence: (registration here)

Guidelines for conducting systematic reviews:


National Academy of Medicine (highly recommended):

Thank you for using the George A. Smathers Libraries!

Meta Analysis Links
A guide to prospective meta-analyses:

Cochrane Handbook:

Cochrane Handbook meta-analyses chapter:

Cochrane Handbook individual patient data chapter:
Cochrane Handbook network meta-analyses chapter:

Key concepts in network meta-analysis (10 mn video):

Reporting Meta-Analyses:

PRISMA Statement (regular meta-analyses):

PRISMA-IPD Statement (Individual patient data):

PRISMA-NMA Statement (network meta-analyses):

Links from Introduction to Systematic Reviews

Scoping & Rapid Reviews Links

University of Florida Home Page

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