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Geological Sciences

Book- can be physical or online (sometimes the library has both!). Books are good sources of background information, however books are not as current as journal articles.

Journal- Source of peer reviewed articles, reviews, papers, research reports, or technical reports contains scholarly research. Since journals are published regularly, they are a good source of the most current information in a field.

Database- Aggregator of journal articles, book chapters, newspaper articles, and other types of information that is put into a searchable collection. Can be multidisciplinary or narrow in focus and include different years and journals/sources of info. All of the UF Library databases can be accessed on the Smathers Database page, and science specific journals on the Marston Database guide.

Dissertations and Theses- are terminal projects of advanced degrees, representing years of research. All dissertations and theses are reviewed by a committee of faculty members before a degree is awarded. Sometimes work is published in a thesis or dissertation but isn’t published as a journal article. There are sometimes more in-depth details in a thesis/dissertation than a journal article.

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