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While UF has access to millions of resources, UF does not have access to everything. Sometimes while looking for an article or book there is note saying that you need to pay money in order to access it. Never pay to have access to the article. If you are working off campus, double check that you are on the UF VPN (see "Working Off Campus?" page). If you are on the VPN then UF does not have access to the article, feel free to contact Laurel Kaminsky for help. Sometimes the article is available but not through UF, but most times UF does not have access.

When you encounter a book/article that UF does not have, the libraries can request the resource from another institution through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) or UBorrow. These materials are requested from another institution. UBorrow is a consortium of other Florida institutions and ILL is across the world. UBorrow is used primarily for physical books. Interlibrary loan is a way to request books from out of states and articles. Articles will be scanned and delivered by email and physical material will be mailed to Library West for pickup. UBorrow is quicker than ILL.

Requesting through ILL: These are books or articles that are not available on Primo. The log in uses your Gatorlink ID. Once logged in, enter in as much information as you can about the resource. This will help speed up the process of finding the resource and make sure you receive the correct book or article. Sometimes books are published in different editions or years, so be sure to double check these info.

Requesting through UBorrow: You can request a book or article with a few clicks through Primo (the library catalog). Be sure to search the "statewide catalog." Once the book is located on Primo click "How to get it," click the "sign in" button and then the "UBorrow Request" button. Select the location you would like to pick up the item and click "submit." UBorrow is integrated into your UF account, which makes it easier to use.

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