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PCB 3063 Genetics

Subject Guide for Dr. Levy's PCB 3063 Genetics class

PCB 3063 Genetics Home

PCB 3063 Genetics Home

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This guide is intended to aid students in Dr. Levy's PCB 3063 class with their Genetics, Policy and History project. 

Step 1: Google your topic!
Take note of topics/language/persons related to your topic and tuck them away for further searching 
Is there a good Wikipedia article on the topic? (What is a good Wikipedia article? One that links to primary sources in its references.)

Step 2: Create an EndNote account
Have one person in a group create a shared folder in EndNote (Organize > Manage my Groups)

Step 3: Research! (split up the work and save what you find in your EndNote folder)
a.    Open web searching
b.    Library catalog
c.    Primo: Library catalog + All databases
d.    Specific journal article databases (i.e. PubMed, Anthropology Plus, etc.)
e.    Primary source archives

Step 4: Clean up your EndNote folder
Remove duplicates
Check for errors or missing information

Step 5: Create a bibliography from your EndNote folder
Format > Bibliography > APA 7th edition

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